Friday, June 18, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime


Courtesy of Warner Bros Picture, Nuffnang is giving out tickets to catch the movie INCEPTION before its release date. To win the tickets, we have to write a blog post titled "My mind is the Scene of the Crime" and share what is the valuable secret in our mind that we don't want to be stolen.

I think in everyone's mind, there would be a place reserved for our own secret. This goes to me too. There's one thing in me that I don't want to give up and of course, to be stolen by someone or something. That precious thing would be my own MEMORY! It would be the memory from the day I can start to recall until now.

Every second and minute are valuable for me. That's the journey that I have gone through and i find no way back. Since I was born in this world, gifted with a medium but great family, started my pre-primary schooling day with tears on the first week, started making friends, stepped into primary school then high school, started to fall in love with a girl, experienced break up and now on-the-way of graduation from my university. Seems like a short period of time. But I did experience a lot. Went through ups and downs. Started to appreciate the value of friendship and life. After going through all these, the only thing was left is just the memory.

I hope that my memory would stay eternity with me. Because that's the only thing - MEMORY!!!


Sharinginfoz said...

without memory, then what??? i forget already

Hadiah from Nuffnang

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said... r rite^^