Friday, April 30, 2010

Final Exam~!!

Good luck & all the best to those who start exam Today and Monday~!!!

All the best to you all....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad~!!!

Dad, I dun think you will come across my blog. But still it's dedicated for u.
Happy Birthday Dad...
sorry for not being around...

This photo was taken last year. One year gone alreadi.
This morning, a lot of memories flow back in my mind.

The time when you and I went for movie in the cinema when Mum went to Langkawi for khusus...
The time when you brought me to KFC because of getting good result in test...
The time when mum dun allow me to take part in basketball match & you told me that you will talked wif mum...
The time when I was hit by a group of Malays and you stood up for me...
The time when I was standing at the babysitter's door to wait for happy was I when I saw you...
The time when you carried me on your back & walked all the way along the sugar cane plantation...
The time when I couldn't get the award and was disappointed and you walked all the way to the headmaster's house and argued for me...
Every time when you sent me to the bus station, you would wait till the bus left onli you will leave...

when I wrote this blog, an advertisement come across my i attach it here...

I think it is pay-back time...It's my turn to do sth for you...
Happy Birthday Dad...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ais Kacang Puppy Love

This movie is kinda famous throughout the whole nation thing famous about this is "It's a local product"...made in Malaysia...

One thing special about this movie is it really brings out the culture and life style in Malaysia. For me, it's a movie that is close to me. Bring me back to the moment when I was young. Playing guli-guli and the traditional-styled coffee shop is indeed something memorable for me.

Before watching this movie with 40+ people in the cinema, i had actually watched this movie with 初恋, the feeling is juz like eating 红豆冰 during the sunny day. *Juz don wan the be a spoiler.*

But it's indeed a nice memory and I have lucky to have such opportunity. After the movie, we still discussed about it. This few things come across my mind when I was writing this.

"We are glad that we still contact, not like them."

& the best part is "You last time reali looks like ah niu 1 le, show me again la.haha..." =.=!!!

Yesterday Ah Niu and Yi Jie Qi came to our campus for the movie sharing of "Ice Kacang Puppy Love"...This movie really started a big step in the entertainment in Malaysia. it proved that Malaysian movie can also reach the standard...The movie sharing session gave me a big inspiration...Dare to dream big...Last time, Ah Niu was just like us...He dreamed big...& now he managed to achieve it...

The group photo session...

All the best to Malaysian...

April 22, 2010

April 22, 2010

*I just would like to blog about this...but sometimes it's indeed nicer to keep in a low profile...*
*So ask me nothing about this & I will tell u no lies...*
*Thanks to the people that really work for it...I do appreciate it...It's ur effort & determination that make this for real*


See you again on April 22, 2020...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We are just that lucky

Last Friday in conjunction with the TC charity week, we had a visit to a orphanage at Sri Petaling...

Before going there, we simple had the chance to take our chance to have our breakfast due to some irresponsible people that would put priority on their entertainment than their responsible. So they had to stop by at the town to finish their unfinished duty IN A RUSH while we stopped by a dimsum shop to fill our stomach up.

Coincidentally, there's a movie "TV3 Bersama Mu" showing there. Jansen found his long-lost hometown aunty who is the worker of the dimsum shop.

Look at the curve of smiles on their face. They were so happy.

Then we proceeded to the destination. We were late for around 15 minutes than the time that we promised. Thanks to the those who caused it.

When we first step in, there's a smelly odor that would make us feel uncomfortable. Despite that, we still continue with our agenda.

The workers were introducing the orphan one by one...

We started to interact with them...

The workers seems treated them very nice on that day. However, we will never know what happen behind the scene. I am not blaming them. It's indeed a great effort that they take up the responsibilities to take care of them. Very least ppl would have that courage or commitment to do so. But, when a commitment has slowly change into a routine duty, maybe less effort or less care will be put into their job now.

We are indeed lucky. Some people don't like to be compared with them. But think further, who are we that can compare ourselves with them. We are not even qualified to. They do things twice or more harder than us. They suffered more than us. They are abandoned.
We are simple just that lucky. I mean LUCKY. Appreciate it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Song that sings my life...

I was driving from campus to fetch yin & s5...on that short journey, a nice song was played by One FM. I juz wanted to enjoy the song, so i drove in slow speed...Sorry ya for letting u all wait...

*In order to make my friends easier, i will translate those important part ya...

That song tittle is "我們沒有在一起" (We are not together) by 劉 若英...
The lyrics would be...( it's kinda long & some repeats, so u can juz skip it)

你那傻氣 我真是想念

那時候 小小的你還沒學會嘆氣
時間走了 誰還在等呢

這杯咖啡忘了 加糖
世界太複雜 你說單純很難

只有你才能 瞭解我要的夢從來不大

你 說你現在很好而且喜歡回憶很長

兩 隻手握著晃呀晃呀捨不得放
跟你走吧 管它去哪呀

世 界太複雜 你說單純很難

我們沒有在 一起至少還像情侶一樣

我 們沒有在一起至少還像家人一樣

我 們沒有在一起至少還像情侶一樣

你說你現在很好而且喜歡回 憶很長

你遠遠的關心 其實更長...

For the whole lyrics, there're onli some parts that I would like to translate & share...

(But only you would be the one that accompany me at the initial place)
(Only you that understand that my dream wasn't that big before)
我 們沒有在一起至少還像情侶一樣
(We are not together but at least we are like couples)
(When I was heart-pained, got crazy and got hurt, i would cry in front of you)

(I know that you can't bring me back to that place anymore)
你說你現在很好而且喜歡回 憶很長
(You say that it's good right now and you like that the moment when the memory is getting longer)
( We are not together but at least we are just like family)
(Always concern and share between each other)

(We are not together but at least we are still friends now)
你遠遠的關心 其實更長.
(Your concern from far away goes eternity)

*pls correct me if my translation got any error*

After the song, the DJ ask :"Do you have such friend among your group of friends? The friends that just like couples but have not been together? Or A couple that become not a couple but still treat each other that good? Or do yourself experience it?"

Deeply in my heart I say the letter 'Y'...

I really feel something when I heard it from the radio...really something that meant for me...
The video I actually took it from u there ^^

Thanks for making my memory a remarkable one...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Feel awaken after long midnight oil...

Again I am awaken throughout the wee hour. Sleepless night. Don't get me wrong. I am not having insomnia. As the due date of 3 assignments is around the corner, for students who like to wait till the eleventh hour like me would feel the impact of it. Yeah. I admit! No matter how late is the assignment is going to be delay, my job will only be done a few hours before the due time. This maybe a bad habit that I shud get rid off...really have to...if my parents know I didn't sleep for the whole night, they would nag me...sorry dad & mum...I didn't actually take good care of my body, soul and mind that gifted by you all...but i juz dont want to disappoint u all...2 is going to down today and 1 assignment and 1 lab report 2 go...longing for a rest....

Recently I found out that many of my friends are not in a good shape. Some I do know what happen with them, some I juz know a bit about it, some I don't even know anything...
I did feel disappointed for being helpless sometimes...but friends, i knew tat one day u would stand up...
"Today is just not your day, tomorrow would be better."
I hope after my assignments submission, v would reali have the time just to sit & share...

Just now on the way back to cyber, I said "Every house has its own problem. (Chinese proverb go)"
33 reply:"u got meh? see u always xixi haha 1"
I :" sure i have...haha"

Life is not a bed of roses for me...i bet most of the people would think so ya...
However, I feel that I am lucky...i am reali lucky...

There're times that I feel very down, the people that i would like 2 turn 2 is not around, din even answer my call, things were against me...guess who's there tat turn my day?

He is Nick Vujicic.'s him...there're times tat my tears drop looking at him and listen to his talk...we are reali gifted to have such ppl around us...there're pretty the best motivator...they reali did it...why cn't me?

You have problem??Tell him??
See what's his answer...
He would probably say "naaaaa~!!!U say tat's a problem???"

Friday, April 9, 2010

Random Update...

Yeah~!!!I have passed my PCE...actually I personally feel that nothing is proud of...It's either too easy or I get it in an easy way, then less appreciation is accredited...

Even my some of my friends are so so "encouraging"...especially the comment reply from the third person....

Later I am going to get my PCE result slip...erm...somemore my account book, account bank card, my course certificate, erm....maybe my money??? But I think money has a low possibility la...all kena telan d...nvm...i did get a lot also from the course....see from the good engineering student get exposed to the financial item and knowledge, now even have a license for insurance...It's still worth for me...

There's one thing that keep lingering in my mind this few days. It's a word called "extremism" Mandarin, it would be "ji2 duan1"...
It has been almost 4 years that I leave my safe & comfort zone, leave my home town, leave my parents. Due to this reason, this 4 years, I did picked up a lot. 1 of the things that I manage to pick up is don't be extremism.
Coin has two faces, so as everything in this universe. When you notice bad side of something, try to see it in another way. You would probably see the good side of it. When you don't like something, try to see the nice side of it. You would change your mindset about it.

Let's take an example of a famous Hong Kong movie (wu2 jian1 dao4), a police is considered as the person who uphold the justice right? How if a police who act as a spy among the bad guys and in order to get trust of them, he acts like them by killing people. Can it be consider as good guy now? Still there's no certain answer for it. It depends on the point of view of different people.

As a leader, surely extremism is not allowed. In a multiracial country, while the whole country is promoting 1Bangsa, a leader of the country said that "Melayu dulu, Malaysia kemudian" would the other races people feel about it? Did he really walk the talk?

Dear leaders, please think first before you speak and act~!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is how university life is~!!!

Saw this video in FB...found it search in you tube & post it here...
I am now 1 night before my i am hitting my head on the table...
when the clock strikes 9.00am...means 1 hour before test...i am going 2 throw the table...hahaha...
Don't sit near me the library...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If I am Ip Man master, I would...

If I am Ip Man Master, I would be doing what a real Master should do.

I would be helping people around me that need help.

I would always be there for justice.

For me, learning martial art is to train my body, soul and mind.

When people shout at me and say "You are just a guy that scare of your wife", I would just reply calmly that "In this world, there are no guys that scare of their wives, but they respect their wives instead."

When people want to challenge me, I would just say "Yes!". But when they want to fight until they can see blood, I would ask them "Do you prefer a victory or to go back home and have a meal with your family?"

As a Master, I have to be always prepared just like this....

*There is a kungfu fighting*

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