Friday, August 27, 2010

Nasi Lemak in Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya

I always notice that the mamak at Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya is always crowded with people.

Most of them are youngsters.

So plan to have a try on it. When I reach there, i notice that on the dining table, the only food I can see are nasi lemak and Indo mee goreng. I think these 2 food is a must-try-food. Then only I realize, that mamak stall only serve these 2 food. Nasi lemak ayam/kambing, Indo mee goreng and otak-otak. I was kind of amazing. With this short of menu, the tables are still always that full.

Signature food at the mamak -> Nasi Lemak Ayam

The sambal is nice with the delicious fried chicken. Beside, u can get extra ikan bilis with kacang and sambal from them.

Another dish is curry kambing (Mutton curry). The dish is nice as well.

For the Indo mee goreng, it's kind of normal for me. Nothing really special. It's just like the instant mee goreng that we can get in the supermarket and prepare at home.

Hot otak-otak would add up the appetite....^^

The mamak stall is easy to be found....

It's at Taman Sea. From Jalan University (from Jaya One). Go ahead until you reach a roundabout, then take the 12 o'clock turn. Take the 1st turning to the right which is after the The Otomotif College (TOC). Go ahead until u reach a traffic light T-junction. A Shell petrol station can be seen on your right corner. Turn right and immediate turn left in front of CIMB. Go ahead and you can see tables and chairs in front of Maybank. That's it~!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Petaling Street and Central Market

Not long ago, I drove myself to Petaling Street. There I would get the cheapest convocation flowers in town mainly because there're several flower shops in a row. Competition makes a more quality and quantity deal. Managed to reach there around 5.30pm and the time seems not that suitable especial during Ramadhan month. Several road entries were blocked for Bazaar Ramadhan and I found no way for me to go in. After several U-turns, I drove in the parking lots in Central Market, a place I always heard but never stepped into. Screw the parking fees~!!! There's more important mission that I need to complete.

This building is older than me 100 years. Still it looks great. Not sure whether I can survive till 122 years old ot not. But this building has managed to.

Once I stepped into Petaling Street, can't stop myself from thinking about the Petaling Street Ikan Bakar. So basically my plan would be like this...

From Central Market, I walked to Petaling Street -> Eat ikan bakar ->Buy flowers ->Walk back Central Market. Deal~!!! Eating is the priority...

The combination of ikan pari-pari, lal and sotong at the smallest size cost me's more than worth for me bcoz I can taste 3 kinds of seafood...

The gravy is superb and spicy...totally appetizing...2 plates of rice would only be sufficient....

After the meal, I hunted for water in no delay. With my whole body drenched by perspiration, I need some cold water to cool me down. Yeah...The famous Longan Water and Soya Bean Water in Petaling Street. They really saved my day.

After mission accomplished, I would like to head back to Cyberjaya before the traffic jam started. However, I needed to make myself comfortable first. Stepped into the Central Market for the 1st time and I was kinda amazed. 1st of all, TOILET~!!!

The door of the toilet looks just nice, but its lock plays no role...

The lamp in the toilet...

The toilet interior design is kind of special...

The mirrors look kinda scary for me.

Then I spent my time just walk around and really look at the heritage of Malaysia in it.

The back part of Central Market...

All kind of craft, painting, designs and culture in Malaysia are gathered under one roof.

My limited space in my stomach totally stopped me from stepping in there...

The spirit of 1 Malaysia...

Malay Street

Little India

Straits Chinese

The combination of streets for 3 major races in Malaysia...the spirit of 1 Malaysia...

Found out this in Straits Chinese, but it was closed that day. 1 day I will pay you a visit and hope it changed something in my life...haha...

Found out that I keep on going to the same place around me. Should take new steps to try to look around new places. Always been to Pasar Seni LRT station, but didn't even take the effort to take a few steps more to expose myself to Central Market. There're indeed more place that worth for a try or sight-seeing...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When the night is dark...

Having a great night yesterday even though I was advised not to go out late at night. yeah~!!!Last night was the 14th of 7th Month for Chinese Lunar Calendar. It was believed as the night when the hell door open. So "brothers and sisters" were around.

I am a person who don't see things concretely. In other words, there's no such thing like "categories"or Black and white. Instead, i mixed them up into grey...somehow, as I am growing up, I found that in some situation, I have to make it clear...crystal clear....friends have to be treated like this; family should be treated like that; soul mates have to be treat so...there're differences and boundaries...Due to this perspective, I may have lose something but in life, we give and as the one would be blamed in this...we are in the game, and we follow the rules...

Posted in FB on the 2nd of August "No matter is on or off, my role has come to an end." Now it's time to walk the talk...Thanks for everything and I do appreciate but it's time to move on...^^


Come across the song "Que Sera Sera" in Julian's blog....suddenly think of my Mum...she used to sing it to me...make me think of my childhood...

When I was just a little boy, I ask my mother what will I be.
Will I be handsome?
Will I be rich?

Monday, August 23, 2010

22nd August 2010

Congratulation to UTAR~ians...especially to Shao Ying, Wei Pei for their graduation...After 4 years of assignments, quiz, tests, exams, presentations and projects, their degree lives have come to a real full stop. Don't just stop there and keep going ya. Challenges are even more in the working life.

Seeing others with the robe and stroll in their hands, make me really feel like to graduate RIGHT NOW. Feel proud of them that make their beloved one proud. This is what I wish for when I am able to step to the stage and receive the stroll from Dean or Chancellor. The 1st thing would come across me is "Thanks mum and dad for making my life an interesting one, thanks my friends for make it even colourful."

One of my friends even can't control herself and tears keep on dropping. Seriously I understand how she feel when she looked at a close friend of her managed to make it. TOUCHED!!! I feel that also but would like to keep it and keep on with the joke and the joy atmosphere. I do feel proud.

Before this day, there would be a barrier for me. Glad that I step over that. The best thing for today is I step beyond the steps. A small step that is worth a cheer. Thanks for being there too. You make it even nicer.=) Thanks for still treating me that nice and warm. After so many things happen, what I feel is unchanged is the care, concern and EVERYTHING from the family. Thanks a lot. Sometimes, I was thinking. Do I deserve that? I am just a.........But, I do appreciate sincerely.

Gonna update more with photoes...

Dear SG, really miss you all much and longing for another great gathering. Next gathering, I hope that we do it simple. Just sit around together and just share. Long time didn't listen to you all and speak to you all alredi...Gonna miss the sharing much d...take care ya bro~s and sis~s...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Appreciation and Gratitude

Earth is spinning and everyday things change. We can't really control it but we just try to. Things happen much around me. Good or rather not that good happen continuously without any time out. Yeah. Ups and downs is norm of life. That's life. Learn to take it like a box of chocolate. Recently, I do take it and it let me FREEZE and think again...

To fall in love, we don't need any reason. To love a person, we don't need any logic excuses. To get a person's heart, we don't need any fancy words, romantic dinner, expensive gift but a sincere heart. Not long ago, a person of mine even showed me that it really goes that way. That time I was in cloud nine as if I am the one that fall in love. I always bless two lovely person with true hearts.

On the other hand, when thing doesn't goes right in relationship. Do hope that everything would go fine too. Remember that life still goes on. I would certainly bless them for how they are.

Repeating this song quite a few times, and found that it's a nice song...

It's not an good ending that after 3 years of relationship, it turn out to be dust...however, our bond never end in that way...Go through a lot to make it worth to hold back this friendship...not many people believe in "ex-lover would be best friend forever"...but we are those that believe in it...Sebelah tangan tepuk tak's a mutual effort to make it...
Some would say that it's weird to see us like that...but behind the scene, there're lots to overcome and go through...After 4 years being apart, we could still dine in together and just share a piece of urs and mine...glad that we make it together...a sincere thank to you to be understanding and make it different...

Your convo is juz around the corner...would like to prepare something unique to a special soul mate...congratulation to ex-gf...

The moment when her FYP is done. And I am the lucky 1st person to share the joyful moment. Thanks.

Take care and all the best in your job ya...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

17 August 2010

A day starts with morning. If morning, you wake up with a smile. Most probably, you will lead the day with that smile.
17th August 2010...It's indeed a great day for me...It's indeed far nicer and greater than winning premiere screening tickets, getting freebies or even winning a lottery...
My day started with a RED LETTER NOTICE from somewhere and that's it...when I walked outside, the grass looks greener, the sky is bluer, the sunlight is brighter, the air is fresher, the food is tastier and people around you is nicer...haha...
That's how a morning would affect the whole day...nothing BIG happen...just a simple act that would enough to make a curve of smile on your face the whole day...

The night before, I had to cancel off a birthday celebration of 1 of my frenz...feel kinda guilty...I am sorry...but for a sincere apology, I know I have to make amendment. So I rescheduled the celebration to her exact date which is 817...Fortunate that I make it...She was happy and so was us...Happy Birthday ya...nice gathering with those who worth to...glad to see familiar face and listen to familiar's indeed a great nite for all of us...

Good luck and all the best in your final exam ya...^^

Monday, August 16, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?

First of all, I have a dilemma that I need some clarification from Nuffnang. You want the bloggers to share "why vampires suck?" for the Nuffnang Premiere Screening-Vampires Suck. Then the 80 most creative bloggers would have the chance to go for the movie "Vampires suck".
It means you want the bloggers to write how bad and how suck the vampires are and you reward them with Vampire movies? You get my point now? You give people what you want people to hate. I am even amazed with those bloggers who really have submitted the entries. Today, it's already 157 comments there. They really wish to get what they think it's suck. Haha... Maybe now you would ask "Then why are you here?"

A lovely couple would lead a great life with some minor quarrels but no serious problem...UNTIL....

He appeared...

All sort of problems and questions come from nowhere...

Girl : How come people so fair one?
Guy : He is not even a human.
Girl : He looks cute. Why you don't look like him one?
Guy : Gonna ask my parents.
Girl : He is so good in sweet-talking. Learn from him laaaa....
Guy : Kena diabetes only he know la.
Girl : Why you don't have six packs one?
Guy : Unity is good.
Girl : They are so romantic. Why we are not one?
Guy : ....
Girl (angry) : You ignore me~!
Guy : Nola. I was just thinking of how to answer la.
Girl (even more angry) : NO! YOU PURPOSELY~!
Guy : Sorry...sorry...forgive me ok?
Girl (got something in mind) : OK. but with condition.
Guy : What's that?
Girl : Bring me to the movie "Vampires sucks".
Guy : =.=!!!

Vampires suck man~!!!!!

So...I guess you all know why m I here ya???

***No offense ya. It's just base on my creativity. Sorry to those who are offended by my post ya...^^

Clear the Monday's blue off...

Recently, when I come across the NEP news, I feel kind of uncomfortable when ppl play wif racial cards when they are commenting or discussing about this matter. I thought that it's regarding the development of nation? How come it become something that divide the people in Malaysia like the time during British Colonial and Japanese Occupation?? Seen the blog title "To be or not to be racist" by a person once the Prime Minister of Malaysia before...

What I would like to summarize is...
Leaders, put those racial opinion away and focus on the development of the nation and the people...our country is sliding down in terms of progress...we need to make some improvement to make it better....PERIOD...

One of my friends posted in Facebook "After I stepped into University, I found out that I have 2 things I dunno. THIS I dunno. THAT I dunno."

Honestly, that's what I feel too...but it means that we still many things that we can learn and pick up...we are not born to know everything...but we can learn...

If you want something you never had, do something that you have never done.

Don't go the way life takes you.
Take the life the way you go.
& remember you are born to live and not living because you are born.

Some times Prayers doesn't change the situation,
but it changes our attitude towards situation,
& give us the hopes which change our entire life.

Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but when you learn to share it, you will realize how big and precious is it.

Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it.

Keep smiling and have a wonderful Monday!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today and tomorrow

Today is the 7th month of Chinese Lunar Calender. It's the beginning of Ghost month. It's the day that the door of the Heaven and Hell is opened. It will last for a month and the 15th day is the Ghost Day. So for those who dunno, dun be surprise if you see some people pray along the road. It only exists if you believe. For me, YES, I DO! So for those who believe, try not to stay up late outside.

*One year after the murder of Teoh Beng Hock, a new evidence "suicide note" comes out from nowhere. It's an act of ghost???*

Tomorrow would be the 1st day of the Ramadhan month. To all Muslim, Selamat Berpuasa. Semoga kalian menjalankan ibadah dengan aman dalam bulan yang mulia ini.
Kalau ada rumah terbuka selepas ini, ingat untuk mengajak saya ya~!

For Muslim, the Ramadhan month means a lot for them. For me, the Pasar Ramadhan is the most attractive for me. That's the food i wish for...ayam percik, ayam madu, nasi dagang, kuih-muih...all those cuisine...i can't stop myself of thinking about it...Pasar Ramadhan here I come 2molo...

I think most of u have heard about "The Last Lecture". I juz wanna share this short clip with u all. It's only about 10+ min...if you're free, pls...pls have a look...

If you find that the video is inspiring and nice, you can try on's 1 hour+...

I guess "The Last Lecture" is more than juz a's about life...

Karnival Jom Makan Buah

As we are growing older, we tend to think a lot before we make a move. We would consider a lot of aspects. That's a good sign of maturity. But on the other hand, it kills all those surprise following by random decisions. We expect. If it's good, we are expecting it. If it turn out to be not what we want, it would be under expectation. There would be a low possibility that we would get something beyond expectation.

Miss the RANDOM me, kinda miss those RANDOM moment which nothing is impossible, it's only whether we want to make it or not. ^^

Last Sunday 8th of August 2010, 3 of us would like to live life healthier by eating more fruits. So here we go...the Karnival Jom Makan Buah.

Organized by FAMA

at Taman Warisan Pertanian in Presint 16, Putrajaya.

Lots of local fruits there...Dukong, Rambutan, Durian, Banana (Big and long joke), Manggis and so on...


King of the Fruits

Hairy fruits

Small plants were sold too.

Titbits made by fruits.

The big and long kidding rite?
But it's only nice at outside, inside it tastes nothing...Seriously size doesn't matter...

There're 2 ways to enjoy the fruits there.
1st, you can walk along the stalls and just pick the fruits that you like and buy it at a cheap price (lelong price)...
2nd, you can pay a certain amount and eat the fruits there unlimited. Somekind like fruit buffet. Adult needs to pay RM15 while children is RM7.50...

As a person who is trained to cope with buffet, the 2nd way would be my choice.

And that's the fruit I want it non-stop..

Taste of D24 is irresistible...

The satisfaction after conquering the king of fruits...

Healthier life??? Nah~!!! Badan panas ada la...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Red Letters Day on Blue Monday

Most of the people would experience Monday's blue, no matter working people or students.'s indeed a hard transition. After a 2-days-break weekend, everything have to start again by counting Monday, Tues, What, The, Fxck...and again it's party time...

Everyday would be just like a box of chocolate for me. I will never know what I got. Today, thank god for the triple red letter.

1st Red Letter
It is kinda related to yesterday. Yesterday night after meal, I went to Public Bank at Serdang (the nearest Publick Bank from Cyberjaya) to deposit my cash. Somehow, the one & onli machine was having a "weekend break-down" too. So I would have to come again the next day which is today as it's kinda important. So, today while I was on the way bc to Cyberjaya, tuning Hitz.FM, I have such chance to take part in the SMS contest. Whenever the time I won sth from the radio station, it would be the time I am behind the wheel. I didn't listen to the radio at home. It's onli in the car. *my mum will definitely mumble me if she know about that*

around 12.00pm
DJ : Hi Yee Kean, who is your favourite action star?
Me : erm...lemme think ya...Steve Austin from WWF...
DJ : Yeah, there're a lots more in the more "The Expendable". You and ur frenz can enjoy the movie at xxx TGV cinema on xx of August..
Me : Thank you.

2nd Red Letter
Check on my letter box once I reach home...and yes! It's finally here...

Letter from Genting World Card...

It come with Starbuck vouchers...woohooo....waited for kinda a long time...

3rd Red Letter
Received miscalls from Mum when I am out for jogging in the evening. Don't have any good feeling about it. Usually when mum calls at this time in stead of night time, it would be something serious. Most common example would be kena saman lor. Phone bc to ask her about it.
As usually, she would answer it with a strict tone and asked "Ei, y u get so much money 1?"
Me : "huh? Come again..."
Mum : "I receive a cheque of urs la...around RM xxx.xx la...y u get so much money?"
Me (started to be clear of what's going on) : "Mum, that's from Nuffnang rite?"
Mum : "Ya."
Me : "Oh...ya...I am expecting that..."
Mum : " Why so much money one? what you do?"
Me : " Haha...I didn't do anything illegal la...I am just blogging..."
Mum : "Oh..."
My cute mum sounds am I...& added with some joy...

Clear the Monday blue...Monday rocks....=)

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Another movie that based on popular video game has come to town.
I would like to present "The Resident Evil : Afterlife" *deng deng deng*
Courtesy to Sony Picture, 50 Nuffnangers have the chance to catch the movie in latest 3D technology two days before the movie is released. Yes! Zombies are coming out for REAL this time. Besides, 1 Nuffnanger has the chance to walk away with a SONY 16GB Video Walkman worth RM749!

If I am Alice,

ok...i mean IF...I know that I am not that sexy and hot...=.=!

If I am really her, I would crack my brain to think of the best way instead of fighting with this big corporation BLINDLY. In order words, use my intelligence instead of my strength.

My opponent would be Umbrella Corporation...

There should be a reason behind the name of it.


Ah! Finally, i got it!
Umbrella is not only served as their weapons, at the same time they also use them as a shield to protect them from sunlight.

It means without UMBRELLAS, they are nothing~!!!

To destroy the umbrella, it's easy. I just have to generate a big portion of acid rain and drench the whole city. However, to make it perfect, I will wait for a sunny day. We know that Zombies don't like sunlight. If they are standing under hot sun without any shield with them, THEY ARE SURELY DIED!


acid rain

during the sunny day


The end of Umbrella Corporation.

Hope everything will be fine and peace without Umbrella Corporation!!!