Saturday, January 30, 2010

To the left, to the right???

There are times when we come to a junction. There are times that we need to make a choice.
Yes...I am again at this kind of situation...
mayb according 2 the fengshui master, 6/2/2010 is a nice day...

The 1st option - The Tiger Run
It is organized by Nuffnang and Tiger. The event will be carried out at the Bar Madrid, Jaya One. The Tiger Run is going to be around the perimeter of Jaya One, and there will be 5 pit-stops along the way at some of the outlets in Jaya One, where runners will be required to perform a task at each pit-stop before proceeding with the run. The outlets concerned are Bar Madrid, Cafe Chulo Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar, Frontera, Headquartrs Bistro and Royal Oak. It will start at 4.30pm till late as there will be an after-party after the Tiger Run.

The invitation to the Tiger Run

What draws my attention is :
Dear Nuffnanger,

Congratulations! Our resident feng-shui master has selected you to be one of the lucky Nuffnangers to participate in the Tiger Run! The time, date and venue of the event are as follows:

Time: 4.30pm
Date: 6th Februry 2010
Venue: Bar Madrid, Jaya One, PJ
Dress Code: Anything!

When I saw tat, I was =.=!!!

The 2nd option - KMS Business Solutions Sdn. Bhd. Appreciation Dinner
Since last year around August, I have joined a financial course which is organized by the KMS Business Solutions Sdn. Bhd. It was introduced by FuChoi as he was undergoing his internship at that company.
It is really beneficial to me as some of that knowledge can be used for life time. As our course almost come to an end. Mr. Kenny Chong purposely organize a Appreciation dinner for all the participants in Jade Hills Resort, Kajang on 6/2/2010. The duration will be from 5.00pm till 9.30pm.

The front page of the invitation card.

The back page of the invitation card.

The Tiger Run starts at 4.30pm while the appreciation dinner starts at 5.00pm. One is at P.J. while another one is at Kajang. It's totally impossible for me 2 attend both. Now I shud reali think about it d. =)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rocket United Cafe

The 1st political-influenced Cafe -> Rocket United Cafe
It was opened by a DAP supporter.
It is located at the SS2, PJ, which is the same row with KTZ cafe (JI DE LAI dessert house).

The rocket sign is nt tat clear as i took this photo at nite. *wishing for a DSLR* hehe...

It's kinda a simple-decorated cafe...but full of political influence...

The place where drinks are prepared...look at light's such a low-budget bulb...

The menu cover is even attractive than the food...
Din try the food tat day coz v went there juz 2 yamcha...

DAP stuffs are sold here oso...

So what's next???Pakatan Rakyat United Cafe...

*no politic propagation here ya*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Not more than a month, the Year of Ox is going to come to an end, ushering the year of Tiger.
It's kinda coincident that this year Chinese New Year falls on my 22nd birthday. It gives me a feeling that on my 22nd birthday, it would be a brand new year for me. A brand new energy & plan to starts my 22nd year of mine as well as the year of Tiger.

Ushering the year of Tiger.

As usual, every year there would be a new resolutions. Same as previous year, I hope I will be doing well in every aspect that I am now. Being a third year student, I hope that I can improve my academic result, keep on gaining knowledge, improve my communication and socializing skills as well as getting fit and healthy. In other words, hope that I would be like the lantern on the bamboo in the picture below.

歩歩高升 means getting better.

However this year, I have a wish or I can say a dream.
Since I am getting older & older, it means my life in my campus would be lesser & lesser. I have one and a half year to go to complete my degree program. Some of my friends are even faster than me as their degree program only take 3 years. This semester would be their final semester in the campus and by the end of May, they would be on their ways to the graduation party. *all the best to you all*

Isn't a good thing to see our friends wearing graduation caps and gowns? YES, Indeed~!!!
But...there's something that holds me back.
Stepping into the working environment is not an easy challenge. Maybe because of that, we will have less time and chance to hang around like before. Maybe their working places are far away, we would even lose contact. Or even the next time when we meet, we would be acting like strangers. Thousands of maybe lingering in my mind. However, I shouldn't be worrying about something that out of my control. What I going to do is to appreciate the moment with them NOW.

Eric's & my birthday celebration at Ampang Look Up Point in year 2009

My dream is simple. I hope no matter what path we are heading to, our friendship bond will always be there. Stay connected. If possible, invite me to your wedding ya=). Friendship forever ya~!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The old days...

My last post I have been talking about Secret Recipe has come to town!!!
Later on, some of my hometown frenz keep on talking about the video tat v hv taken when once v ate secret recipe 2gether when v were celebrating huishian's birthday. It has been 3 years ago. Somethings can onli be recalled as memory.
that time, we purposely took almost an hour to Jitra juz to buy a SECRET RECIPE CAKE for her...that time, we celebrated HUISHIAN's BIRTHDAY at LINGHU'NG HOUSE...

3 years has passed & even Kangar has a Secret Recipe Cafe now. Memories...

The thing that I would wanna say is...would I be able to have this moment again with u all again this coming 14 Feb???

Where is the toilet?

I noticed this sign when I was in an restaurant. I would say a Malay Restaurant. As the clock did not onli indicate the time, but also it show us the direction towards the toilet. Clock in Malay language = JAM. JAMBAN = toilet. I think this word is kinda common for Malaysian. Even Hokkien Lang oso say "jamban jamban". Luckily there is a toilet sign beside it. If not, ang mo will be going clockwise or counter-clockwise searching for a toilet there.

The toilet sign is an universal sign that every people would understand. But how about this?

Anyone get it??=)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Secret Recipe has come to town~!!

Staying at a small town, I hardly see shops or restaurant that is considered kinda common at big city like K.L. Therefore, before I stepped myself to tertiary education life, I hardly watch movie in the cinema, having meal at MCD, having Secret Recipe's cake on my birthday & etc. However, the cost of living in my hometown (PERLIS) is very much lower than the place that I am staying right now (CYBERJAYA). Mayb bcoz of that, I have a chance to further my education to a private university in Cyberjaya.

When I first told them about my life in my hometown, the 1st expression is "Hah!!! like this can survive meh? no cinema, no bar, no club & NOT EVEN MCD???"
What I can say is that's how I was and I am brought up. I had been staying there for 17 years & in the future I will be going bc there again. The reason is simple. That's my Hometown. I don't need any reason to go to a place called HOME right?

I heard before that some people who were born in Perlis after went out from there and be a successful person, described Perlis as a dead city and god-forsaken place. It's kinda disappointed to see some ppl tend 2 4get where their roots are. I am sorry for them.

Last week, I was in my holiday. This was what I noticed.

An upcoming Secret Recipe Cafe.
Some would say "so wat? at my place every 2 steps got 1 secret recipe." *WC's quote*
However, for Perlis-ian, it makes an historical remark. The 1st ever Secret Recipe in Kangar. It indeed will bring some competition for the bakery that has been manipulating the market for so many years. Improvements come when there's competition.

For the information of all Perlis-ians, the cafe is allocated at the shop lots opposite of the TAMAN MUTIARA. It's beside the Klinik Sedhu.

Now, the location is bit weird as it's located beside a clinic.erm...or I have think too much???
Anywhere, Perlis-ian now u have more choices alredi.

I love my hometown~!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival!!!

Everything started with a post Colour Me Corby to share the colour of my life. I wrote that post to join an event organized by Nuffnang & Samsung.

I was really excited when I received the invitation. It's kind of disappointed when I was informed that my invitation had been revoked. LUCKILY~!!!! That's just a mistake. Phewwww~!!!

I purposely came back to K.L. earlier just to attend this carnival. What came across my mind is I just want to have fun before my new semester starts. That's the first ever event in year 2010 that organized by Samsung and Nuffnang. I can't miss this golden opportunity.

Finally it's 16th of Jan 2010. I woke up early that morning and depart to the destination -> Sunway Lagoon.

Yeah~!!!I can't really wait to get excited. The next thing I did was to get myself registered.

Thanks to these few pretty ladies. I managed to get my freebies & T-shirt. Luckily I arrived early that day. After about 20 minutes, there's a BIG crowd in front of the booth.

Wow...They were all Nuffnangers and Samsung Handphone users. Luckily I managed to skip it.

After that, all of us were led to another open-air hall with a big stage in front.

Everyone was still with their own clothes.

Everyone looked more colourful now...
We were divided into four different group according to the colours or our T-shirt. We needed to play versus game with every other group and points will be given to the winning team.

Liang was the MC on that day. He is a great MC that can change the atmosphere there to a nice one. Everyone was VERY VERY high that time.

After a simple breakfast, our games started. The first game was everyone's ankle will be tied with a balloon. The participants had to protect their own balloons and stepped on other group's balloons. The game caused a bit "chaos" but everyone was having fun. After that, it was followed by tug-of-war and rock climbing. These two games required strength, skills and co-operation within team members. The last game was the most anticipated one. It was the paint ball where we can "kill" each other. That's the best game and the most important game to see which team will walk away with a brand new Samsung Corby handphone.

After four games of competition, at last......*deng deng deng deng*
The Orange Team emerged as the Champion.

Every member of the Orange team with a Samsung Corby on their hands.

While Yellow Team was the first runner-up.

The Team with a cheque of RM 2,500.00

However, everyone was a winner on that day as everyone indeed had fun. Hope such event will be organized from time to time.

Thanks to Nuffnang & Samsung~!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Advantage of having bigger boobs

Gonna attend my 1st class in my 3rd sem of Delta year at 9am. So juz browse through TheStar Online Website. I was kinda attracted by the news with the title "Take off your bra at the bar for free drinks"
A nightclub in Singapore is offering free drinks for women according to the cup size of the bra.
Wow...fantastic ya...
How if a woman with A cup but wearing a bra with cup size of D???
Will she get free a bottle of alcoholic drink worth S$168 (RM408)???
Gonna see it for the truth...
Next travel destination -> Singapore...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meeting with great people

I forget since when I started to have a great interest in Malaysian politic. Maybe as I am getting older, I tend to care about the current issues and things that happen around me. Moreover, I am now 21 and almost 22 in less than a month. I have the right to vote and choose the government at the next general election.

There are some great people that I really admire. They have the guts to do something extraordinary or I can say abnormal. They are so determined that nothing and no one can stop them from doing something that they think are right for them. They like to do sth against the flow. I thought I can only see them in the newspaper or in the television.

When I was in my hometown for holiday, I notice a banner saying that DAP is coming to Perlis. Lim Kit Siang and Teresa Kok is coming to town. Without hesitation, I quickly get the tickets for the "Dinner with DAP".

The Dinner was a nice one with all those great speakers talking on the stage. Speaking in different types of language is indeed not a big deal for them. The way they talk is so convincing. I don't think I will share the details of the speech with u all in here. FOR MY SAFETY SAKE....

Lim Kit Siang & I

Teresa Kok & I

*It's just a post towards someone I admire and it's not a politic propagation!!!

My Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is around the corner. So as my birthday.
Huh??? What's the connection anyway. No joke, I was born on the 14th of February 1988...
My mummy always told me that I was a great valentine's gift for my daddy 22 years ago...
It's just like a lucky strike for me to be born on this day. Then now I guess you all know how my blog URL come from ya...

If I were granted a chance to celebrate Valentine's Day with a star, I hope the person would be JULIA ROBERTS~!!!

She has acted in various of romantic comedies such as My Best friend's Wedding, Mystic Pizza, Notting Hill and Runaway Bride. It's indeed my honour to date with a such a romantic star.

The day will be a special one for me & her as we will not be celebrating at a high-class restaurant or hotel just like other couples use to do. We would like to keep a low profile on this.
Instead, we prepare our own home-cooked food at our own place. Since, it's prepared by ourselves, i bet it would take half of the day preparing and playing around in the kitchen. However, that's the best part that only we both are there without those paparazzi and reporters.
That's the time where only two of us are in our own world doing something together.

Our awesome dinner

At night, we will be enjoying our dinner. It might not be as delicious as the food in the restaurant, but our efforts count and it would be tasty. After drinks of champagne, we would have a ballroom dance at the living room with soft music playing around.

The day would be perfectly ended with a kiss on her sexy lips.

Happy Valentine's Day~!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I’m a Tooth Fairy..

I am going to take part in the contest for Nuffnang Special Screening - Tooth Fairy.

Therefore, I am here to share about my way and the gadget that I need to collect tooth from underneath the pillow of a children.

It's easy for me to fly into the children's house with my wings. Of course, the door will not be open widely at night if everyone is sleeping. Somehow, the ability of changing my body size allows me to sneak into a house or even a room easily just like a bug flying into our house.

For me, the most important gadget is my angel-liked face. Why do I say so??? It's because even when the children suddenly wake up at night and notice me, they will think that they are just dreaming and I am just an angel for them. They won't hurt me.

The so-called gadget maybe just like below.....

Somehow, beauty is in the eye of beholder. Some of the children may see me as a devil. The next thing that they will do is...

Then what should I do??? Just quickly complete my mission and RUN FOR MY LIFE~!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Sorry for the late update...
I am in the holiday & I have some difficulty to access the internet here...
Take the chance to on9 & update here...
1 week left for my holiday...
However, this holiday is reali a great one...
Trip to Hatyai -> Lim Kit Siang & Teresa Kok come to Kangar -> have a great sharing wif my frenz
Some of my frenz are feeling pressure rite now bcoz of the upcoming FYP...hope she will do well & of course don't push urself 2 hard ya...

Recently, feel that the safety in Malaysia has come to an alerting stage...
I think as long as you read or listen to the news, u will get wat i mean...
even the school & church (places that considered as a safe place) get attacked...
Malaysia, a country with multiraces but people can stay happily & harmonily under one roof...
one day it mayb an history or juz a legend if this continues...

Malaysian, pls wake up & preserve the harmoni...