Sunday, December 13, 2009

Colour Me Corby

Not more than 3 weeks, year 2009 will come to an end.
Usually during this moment, most of the people would take this chance to summarize out what have happened throughout the whole year. Since Nuffnang is organizing the contest "What Corby Colour are you", I would like to take this opportunity to share a little about the colour of my life.

I come from an average family, I had no silver spoon with me when I was born. However, the bond of our family is close. We stay contact from time to time no matter where we are. Family is always with me whenever I am down. Indeed, I am well blessed.

Big family portrait taken during 2009 Chinese Year New eve dinner.

Secondary school life had been a great memory for me even until now. Some of our friendship have been lasted for 14 years and still we are keeping in touch. Really go through a lot with them during that time. Studying together for PMR, SPM. Go for vacation during the holiday. After graduation, we still take the effort to gather whenever we have the chance.

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Perlis 2005 5S1 gathering in year 2009.

Everyone has changed. We are no more 17 or 18 already. But there's one thing still remain - FRIENDSHIP!
Picture speaks thousand words.

Christmas celebration in year 2007.

My 21st birthday with a bunch of beauties. That one is kinda surprise for me.

We always go through the problems together in a nice way. The culprit & the victim still thumb up for what had happened.

My life with them is just like from left to right. Colourful right?

Finally I graduated from my high school in year 2005. I have to start it all over again.
However, thanks to a bunch of friends that I know in my university. The colour of my life is still there. And it become even more colourful.

My handsome & pretty buddies

These bunch of friends are very steady especially girls. They can bear of any tease from guys regarding their appearance. They always keep their mind in the right side. Always be that positive even some misfortunes strike them.*Solute*

Because of these bunch of friends, I join Tourism Club in my university. My life started getting more interesting.

Tourism Club committee members

These is the recent photo with them. Happy 21 ya!

Some of them are going to graduate soon. Don't care about it first. Let's cherish the moment we are together.

Throughout my life until now, my family & friends really play important roles in lighting up my life. My life should be an ordinary one like the others. However is them that make it special & unique. I do appreciate it~!!


xiao xian said...

hey ki na...friendship fovever ya^^kinda miss d time during secondary school life...

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Yea...Forever & ever...
That moment is the time tat always i will remember...