Saturday, December 19, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Talking about Malaysia Airline (MAS), it's one of the significant landmark of Malaysia. It's the first airline in Malaysia. It was found in year 1947 (last time was known as Malayan Airways). No doubt, it has been providing us the services for more than 50 years.

Talking about flight, I bet most of the customers would experience many terrible experiences.

Have to treat airports as your second home due to the flight delay???

Couldn't check on the plane details and just wasting time there waiting because getting no tickets when you reach the airport???

Mistaken the flight schedule???Lucky that you have a novel around you...

At last, end up frustrated and turn out to be an unhappy trip.

Sure there are a lot can think it, can name it~!!!

Despite of facing a lot of competitive from budgeted airline locally and around the region in Asia, MAS has been doing well and still it's improving from time to time.
MAS listens to the customer and understands what the customers really need.
MAS has introduced a new convenient way to the customer...

And this will appear. Can access to the website easy using mobile phone. It's in your fingertips (or i should say thumbs). Details about flight, booking tickets, check in can be done easily using your mobile phone.

Laptop???You don't need it any more. It will be inconvenient to carry a laptop around you. A palm-sized mobile phone will be more than enough. But make sure that your mobile phone can access to the internet using WIFI.
Don't hesitate anymore, have a click on and try on it.
Using the convenience of the advanced technology means that we indirectly save our time by avoiding unnecessary trouble.
Try on it, Make your next flight an enjoyable one~!!!

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