Saturday, August 27, 2011

Truth or dare?

In life, we will come a time that we could only pick one from all the choices. Just like what Steve Job said in his first story, "Join the dots." You can only join the dots to the past not the future. In other words, the choices that we make now will make what we are in the future.

Now I am in this position & the choices that I make now would be for my next 30 years. Ah~!!! It's already half of decades.
Came across a blog post from a famous blogger, Kenny Sia. Don't Go To The University For The Sake Of It. It's very much recommended especially to those who are in the same position as me. I think the post is telling part of story about me. Seriously I perasan~!!!

This is the video for Steve Job's 2005 Stanford Commencement Address. It's about 3 story of his lifes.

Keep on searching for something that you have interest in. Keep on searching. Don't settle down until you manage to find it.

I wish I do have the courage. Seriously I need to get back my guts that I have been storing in the fridge. Period.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am sorry...

When's the last time you said this to the others?

We are not perfect and we do mistakes. But do we really feel sorry for what we have done?

Saw this in Facebook. It's a video with the title "Digi Dear Malaysians: Official Video" from Digi. Would like to share it here.

I sincerely apologize for not fulfilling my promises.
I am sorry for not being the man of my words.
I am sorry for giving more dissappointments than hopes.

Would like to be a better man.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ghost Festival...Scary or not?

Warning: The content might be scary and creepy. SERAMMM
In Chinese culture, there're a lot of traditions that we need to follow and keep them on. This mainly is due to believes. As a typical Chinese and Hokkien, I BELIEVE. I don't think I am conservative or kolot. But the reason that I believe is kind of simple. I just wanna be fair and I believe in Ying Yang - Equility. From time to time, I pray to God so that I could excel in my future, career, be healthy and of course love buds of mine be blossom. Haha...Come on la..It's what people always do right?

I believe in God so as Karma. On the other hand, I can't tell myself that there's no ghost in this world right? For those who are not awared, maybe you will feel weird how come so many colour flags along the road side especially T-junction? Or some of you might think who so careless to leave their food along the road side? Why la they put the joystick along the roadside la?

Here's some brief explaination. It's because this month is the 7th month in Chinese Lunar calendar a.k.a. Chinese Ghost Festival. Chinese believes that in month of 7th, the door of the hell is open and "Brothers & Sisters" are free to loitering around. Today is the 16th day, a day after the mid of the month. People say that today is the day when most of "them" are out to the street. So I was not allowed for late outing tonight. Then you know why am free to blog now ya? =D

Just to share with you all, one night at the beginning of this scary month, I sent a friend back after dinner. When I was going back, I actually made a wrong turn at the T-junction at the end of the alley. Not to mention that the housing area was kind of quite as it was 11.00+pm that time. Once I made that turn, I realized that it's a mistake. I stopped my car and made a reverse. Suddenly the light at the lamp post in front of me became blackout. Seriously when you are alone and you knew the story of "T-junction", you just can't help your hair not to be straight at that moment. I started some prayers and moved my ass out of there. Seriously my balls shrinks. might be a coincidence. But wao...What a coincidence? *Sarcastic says*
It's strange that I don't feel any fear in other ghost festival.
For example:

Happy Halloween

Bon Odori

I am more interested to celebrate them. Maybe it's because of my believe. Last but not least, Happy outing ya Bro & Sis...Remember to go back when your time is up~!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My primary school - 玻璃市州加央群益华小

AEC (Astro Channel 301) is going to introduce my primary school - S.J.K. (C) Khoon Aik to all the people at 14/8 at 9pm. Don't miss it ya especially those who studied there before. It's a place where I received my first formal education, made the first friendship, and lots of fun stuff happenned.



无论身在马来西亚的哪一个角落,有华人定居的地方, 往往也少不了华文教育落脚的痕迹。地处马来西亚半岛最北端的玻璃市,虽是全马面积最小的州属,华人人口也不多,却有十所华小在这里扮演推广华文教育的重 任,其中历史最悠久及规模最大的就是玻璃市首府—加央仅有的一所华小,它的名字叫作群益华小。

《我 来自华小2》第七集《玻璃市州加央群益华小的故事》透过这所刚刚届满一百岁高龄的华小,叙述玻璃市的华社如何代代用心经营着母语教育,并为当地栽培出不少 充满活力的新生代。这里有在篮球场上挥洒汗水的华小生;有回到母校负责指导篮球校队的校友老师;也有走出篮球场后成为垒球国手的年轻人。他们,都心系着这 所孕育自己的华小。



This article is taken from a note in Facebook. It can be view in HERE.

玻璃市州加央群益华小 is the place where I started my first education.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saya Anak Merdeka...

As the general election is just around the corner, a lot of political waves struck our nation. From Bersih 2.0 to Church raid, they really make the Rakyats unconfortable. This month all of us despite of any politic parties and organisation would put their fights aside and be unite together. It's a month that we could have a chance to look back what our ancestors had done for us 44 years ago. Of course it's not about holiday & flags. We should be thankful to be born in this wonderful country. A multi-races country that full of variety of cultures is gifted. It should be maintain in harmony.

Malaysian, please send your 6.19 minutes for this. It's worth for it.

Merdeka~! Merdeka~! Merdeka~!

Friday, August 5, 2011

When it is worth for friendship - Town Steamboat Restaurant

It's August now. It's so quick. 2 good friends of mine were turning 23 in this month. Therefore we planned to start the month of eighth with a great celebration. Since I haven't been to Town Steamboat before, I suggestted that ideal place...

The place is kinda awesome and the food is consisted of a variety of choices. The seatings are comfortable as the place is lengthy. Besides, it's open-aired restaurant. Nothing is best than having steamboat out of the room.

I just dunno where to start.

While we are waiting, cooked food is served as "Alas perut".

Dimsum??? Just have it.

The restaurant was full of customers even it's weekday.

Initially, it was his birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Loong~!!! But at last three friends came to surprise him all the way from Kangar. The journey took around 2.5 hours but due to a pro driving skill of one of them, it only took 1.5 hours. Somehow, the surprise turned out to be not so as they almost got lost. Anyhow, their sincerity are much being appreciated especially by Loong.

Since everyone was there, so what are we waiting for?

Loaded the pot with the ingrediences.


Left a spaces for a dude - Seang...

It's an enjoyable celebration and gathering. Thanks for those who make it.
"Steamboat is meaningless if you are eating alone" - Huishian on that night.
True~!!! When we are together...

For those who like to have a try in Town Steamboat Restaurant, this is the details.

Town Steamboat Restaurant
63, Macalister Road 10400 Penang

Contact number: