Sunday, November 28, 2010

Simple but Special Magical Saturday

Saturday should be a day I wake up at 10am or even later. Instead, I woke up at 6.15am. Went for a 10km GREEN FUN RUN organized by eMKay Land. Feel fresh and nice once i finished the race.

"You have to finish the race that you start no matter how it takes." - meaningful quote. Satisfaction would come to you when you managed to do something well. Regarding the run, didn't expect anything from it. The confidence-gaining is already the best consolation for me. Thought that I would be laying on the bed for the whole day after this. Somehow, it turned out to be in the opposite way. I was very energetic.

I heard the bell of Santa coming from Genting. Oh...It's from Genting World Card group.

Thanks for recognizing my creativity. Creative? ehemmmm...haha...maybe luck just strikes again...So I will be at somewhere else on the 11th December ya...Thanks again. It really enlighten my day and my weekend.

It's undeniable that currently twitter is the fastest information spreading mean. It spreads faster than virus. I saw several tweet about CRAFTY. It's to promote and showcase Malaysian local arts and crafts. It will be at The Bee, Jaya One on the 27th November from 11am till 6pm. Therefore, i took this opportunity to have a look at it.

The lady beside S.Ying is the person who hand-make all these soap. She is considered as the founder of them.

All these soap are made of natural products like fruits, olive oil, vegetables and beans. It's suitable for those people with allergic skin. It is not proved that it will cure the allergic but it certainly will improve the condition.

Being a good sis, she bought 1 for her brother.

All these accessories are handmade.

Creative design cards.

Unique Bookmarks

Pretty lady with all her design. *like it much* (i mean the design)

Not really much stall there, but the stalls sold creative stuff. All were handmade. There're many items that suitable to be a gift or present. Bought a card too.

While we were going to stepped out of The Bee, we notices familiar faces.

Edwin & us

Forgotten your name. *sorry*

If you know about the comedian show 1sex 1money 1 scandal : the virus returns, then you should know about them. It's at PJLA Theatre, Jaya One. They are from The Instant Cafe Theatre Company. Today would be the last day of the performance and unfortunately all the tickets for today are sold. Luckily we got it earlier with student price.=)

The crew for the 1sex 1money 1 scandal : the virus returns.

Their performance is awesome. It's a show that shouldn't be missed.

Then, we proceed for our dinner. Guess where is it?

Merlion? Singapore?

Haha. It's the restaurant Geylang Lor9, SS2, PJ with the famous claypot frog porridge. To know more about that restaurant, see the review from

With 2 of us, we ordered in a small portion.

Kung Pao frog. Slightly spicy but tasty.

Porridge for 2.

Lo Bak.

It cost RM40 for all including 2 glasses of warm barley. Slightly pricey but worth for it.

After filling up our stomach, here we go to the world that we will never get older.


Oooppps...i didn't mention before that this is the 2nd time I was there right? I was there for the Premiere Gala too. It's an invitation from AMBP. I would blog about the Premiere Gala soon. Thanks.

On the way to the magical world.

Do u know how much does the blue (normal) seats cost? I dunno about that when I went for the Premiere Gala. It's RM100.00 per seat + Rm3.00 processing fees. I was buying for the same seats also. Luckily I had the 50% off vouchers. So it cost me only RM106.00 for 2 tickets.

The better things that I got yesterday were:
1) Not many audiences, so our seats were upgraded to VIP seats. Nearer and better view.
2) More co-operative audiences. Gave a better response to the dancers and performers.
3) I got my photo which was taken before the entrance.
4) Have the chance to take photo with the crew coz not many kids.

About the musical show, it's the best of all the performance. It has no take-two and everything is live. The dancer will interact with the audiences and audiences will have to give their responses. It's like a two-way performance. The dancing and singing are awesome. Forget to mention about the decorations. It gave us a merry feeling. Kudos to the crew.

The decoration is nice with the theme of Christmas. It's so merry.

Since there're not many audiences, we had the chance to take photo with the crew. but haiz...aunty block my sight ar...

Since we were in Sunway city, we didn't forget to have our dessert at Snowflake from Taiwan at Subang Jaya before heading home.

Great Saturday~!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Premiere Sceening of The Social Network

In this modern world, we hardly separate ourselves with social network services like Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Friendster (Oh gosh are you from 1980???). They become necessities in our daily life so that we would keep in touch with the world outside the door. Thanks to the founder of these social network services. I admire to those genius that would create such conveniences to all the people. I do salute them.

In this coming December, there will be a movie "The Social Network" about how Facebook is started and created. Courtesy to Hitz.FM, I was invited for the premiere screening.

The founder and CEO of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and the co-founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin had started this together but they ended up in the court. Besides, there're others that involved in the case. But at last everything's solved outside the court. The idea of Facebook started because of a girl. Just because Mark Zurkerberg wanted to show that how great is him and he wanted to tell the girl "I am CEO, bitch". Somehow, he is not really an ASSHOLE but he try hard to be one. From the way how he treated Eduardo, he is really a shit. In coding world, he was really great. However, in life he still had much spaces for improvement.

I like the part when he FINALLY added the girl as friend in Facebook and kept on refreshing the page. That time, only he realize who's the person he would always keep in mind and he felt sorry for what he did.

In short, it's an interesting documentary~!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Norm of Competition

1st of all, congratulation to Nuffnang for its success for going even greater. It has another more sister company - Jipaban. It's actually an online shopping mall which is convenient and items can be bought at reasonable prices. Hope you all will do even better in future.

As Nuffnang is expanding, the events and contests oraganized by them are getting more. The prizes are even more attractive. This would be one of the reason bloggers joining Nuffnang keep expanding. I could say that nowadays everyone would know about Nuffnang. As the bloggers that join Nuffnang's events and contests are getting increased, competition among all the contestants is getting greater.

Recently, I noticed from many blogs that they aren't satisfied with the result of some contests. Some of the contests that I know are Celcom Black Berry Torch, Digi Pimp the Music and most recently the Premiere Screening of Rapunzel : A Tangled of Tale. I understand that when we join a contest, surely we hope for something. Maybe at least a consolation. However, not every time, we get what we wish. I did feel disappointed at times. Somehow, when we are joining a contest or competition, the 1st thing that we have to do is we have to be bound to the norm of competition - either win or lose. We have to accept that before we really want to join a competition.

When the result happens to be not what we wish, we used to put on the blame on the others. Instead we never know that when we are pointing to the others, another four fingers are in our direction. I see some of the bloggers ask the organizer to study and redefine the word like "the best", "the most creative" and "the most special". They even ask them to search for the real meaning from dictionary. YES! Dictionary surely can give the best defination of it. But what in Earth can actually MEASURE these terms?
How to measure "The best"?
How to measure "The most creative"?
How to measure "The most special"?

What I could say is beauty is in the eye of beholder. Judges will definately try their best to judge every single entries in the competition. While we are expecting something perfect from them, do we really think how much PRESSURE are they?

"Engineers are a bunch of clever people. But still they can't invent a single instrument that can measure the level of pressure in people."-Rancho from the movie "3 Idiots".

So, could we just forget about the competition and just think how pressure will Nuffnang officers will be. They are facing a bunch of fussy bloggers and on the other hand, the advertisers have high expectation on them.

When we want the best from the others, hope we really give in the best first. Let's go back to the beginning. What's Nuffnang's objective when it's created. It's to gather the bloggers. Aren't you feel that we are really keep in touch right now, BLOGGERS? So what are you expecting?

*I am not writing on behalf or for which side. It's just my small piece of opinion.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smashpop's Lenovo Giveaway - I support Siew5

I support Siew5~!!!!

For more information, pls log into

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Magical Journey

Courtesy of GSC-EON Bank Credit Card Nuffnang, you could have the chance to win some awesome prizes. So what's the prizes?

The most creative blog posts will win:

Grand Prize x 1: 1 Brand New Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 worth RM1,999

Top 20 : 2 GSC 3-D Premiere Movie Passes to The Chronicles of Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (8 December 2010 starts at 8.45 pm)

Consolation Prize x 90: 2 GSC Premiere Movie Passes to The Chronicles of Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (8 December 2010 starts at 9.30 pm )

Attractive right? All you need to do is :

1. Write a blog post titled “My Magical Journey”.
2. Share with the others which part of the world of Narnia you’d like to explore, and how your adventure would be like there.
3. Remember to use your imagination and your picture editing skills to show the others your presence in the world of Narnia, and share your picture in the post!
4. Provide a link to GSC-EON Bank contest minisite at
5. Be sure to leave a comment in HERE with the permalink of your blog post after you’re done.

The World of Narnia was a disc-shaped world. It's totally different with the Earth that we are staying now. The sky in the world of Narnia looks like a great dome which met the world around its circumference on which the other side, and indeed all around the world's edges, was the mysterious land called Aslan's Country. It's indeed an eye-opening for me if I have the chance to take a look at this special kind of world. My curiosity really drive me crazy. If you ask me which part of the world of Narnia, my greed would give the answer - THE WHOLE WORLD OF NARNIA. My greediness and curiosity would really push me to this fantasy world that I can speak to the animals. Exploring myself to something I can't find in the place called Earth that I am staying now and discover the beauty of the Mother nature. Of course, I would like to share this experience with a bunch of my mates. Therefore we are going in a group. The whole adventure would let me realize that how tiny are us in this universe.

I am proudly introducing myself as an engineering-based students Therefore, Regarding my picture editing skill, I can only tell you that I have done my very best. *SHY*

This photo is taken from the internet. Credit to Google Search.

The guardian and creator of the Narnian World was the Great Lion, Aslan, who sent people (mostly children) from our own earth on missions to save Narnian society from destruction.

This would be me myself facing to the left side. I am looking at the same side with the boy.

With the 2 photos...*deng deng deng*

This is me in the world of Narnia in front of Aslan.

There are other contests like Capture & Win, Share & Win and Spot & Win contest for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader organized by GSC-EON Bank Credit Card. To know more about the contests, please log into

Go and have a try, you maybe going back with attractive prizes.

Peter Pan The Musical @ Sunway Piramid

Fairy tale is always the best thing to be for all folks from different stages. No matter guys or girls, old men or young children, fairy tale is suitable for everyone. However, as we all know fairy tale is just a story. A story that could be passed through words. It can be feel but not be seen by our naked eyes.

I bet some of the parents would face the same problem when their children ask them to SHOW them "Peter Pan". They would have no idea in it.

Parents, good news for you. You don't need to think of any lie just to make your children happy because Peter Pan is not just a fairy tale. It does exists.

Courtesy to Sunway Piramid, a musical production by West End talents is coming to town soon.

Hereby, I would like to call upon all the fans of the fairy tales-Peter Pan.

Don't just live in fairy tale. Come and witness the truth of the tale.

Peter Pan The Musical.

This musical tells the well-known and affectionate story of a boy who would just never grow up. And I am sure everyone of us know who is Peter Pan.

So here's the details of the Peter Pan Musical.

Date : 26th November 2010 till 2nd January 2011
Venue : Amphitheatre @ Sunway Piramid
Time : 8pm onwards

For more information, you can call 03-5639000 or visit

Don't miss such golden opportunity~!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flood in my hometown

The month of November started with an unfortunate incident - flood in Perlis and Kedah. Yes! Unfortunately my hometown was affected. When talking about my housing area - Taman Perlis, the people in the town would say "Alah...Taman Perlis ar? Sure flood one la!" The reason is because the housing estate there last time used to be paddy field so the land there is kinda low in geography.

5 years ago, flood happened in Perlis. While Perlis folks are trying to put that incident out of their mind, here come another one which is even more serious than the previous one. However, this time many of them have prepared for it. Therefore in term of loses, it would be less. Still there would be loses and the amount is still a huge one.

The water level that came into the house is the line at door.

The stains on the wall.

One of the damaged furniture.

My parents had no choice but to escape to B. Mertajam and stayed there for a few days. At the age of 50+, they can't stand of leaving their legs in the water for a long time. When the flood water has receded, only they went back. So am I to help on what I can do.

Many may not understand how's the situation without water supply and electricity during the flood. I do.
Many may not understand how hard it is to clean up a house from the living room to the kitchen after the flood. I understand.
Many may not experience how stink is it after flood. I experienced.

Therefore, I just told myself that I must be with my family to go through this.

Comparing to the flood 5 years ago, my parents are optimistic with what had happen but their age don't allow them to be as strong as 5 years ago.

However, maybe this would be a blessing in disguise. Because of this flood, many of the memorable photos are affected and we need to take out one by one to dry them. With those old photos, my parents told us much about their stories. And I also had the chance to see myself when I was at the younger age. Those're the memories.

Hope it wouldn't happen again after 5 years.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Thanks to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia and also Nuffnang, 40 Nuffnangers and their guests have the chance to watch Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale on the big screen 1 day earlier than its official release date.

To win a pair of invites to catch Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale on the big screen, all we have to do are:

  1. Write a blog post with the title “IF I HAD RAPUNZEL’S HAIR
  2. Share about what we would do if we had 70 feet of magical golden hair. (Be creative!)
  3. Post a picture of our best/eccentric/worst hair in our post.
  4. Last but not least, comment on this blog post with the permalink of our written blog post.
Besides, there a few prizes for those who outdo themselves in their blog post this time.

*Deng Deng Deng*

So what are you waiting for???

Talking about hair, I have a really great experience to share about. My ex-high school has nothing to proud of but the school policies.

So what's that policies?


Number 3 is actually a measurement of the length of the hair. Number 3 is short, number 2 is shorter and number 1 is shortest.

And this policy is event great because it's only apply on male students. You just can't find a male student with his hair longer than an inch.

There's nothing bad to keep hair short especially for guys. It's neat and clear. No need much time for hair treatment and care. No need waste much on hair cream.


After my graduation from my high school, I had a hard time to chance my hairstyle. While my friends started to change their image and leave all the school boys' look, I am still with my Rambut nombor 3. It's not that I didn't try. But 5 years of that hair style has made my hair immune with that. My hair is rather hard and I find it hard to comb. No point for me to own a comb.

So at last...

It's already 4 years since my graduation, but I am still me!!!

So guess what?

If I had Rapunzel's 70 feet of magical golden hair, I would...I would...really utilize THE COMB just to comb my hair all day and night long... *satisfied*

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AmBank Inspector ATM

This is the 2nd time I am here at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. HERE is my first time at this newly built institution. This is the first event after I joined Nuffnang Glitterati Plus (G+) - The Official Launch of AmBank Inspector ATM.

In conjunction to the launching of the event, AmBank has set up a road show at Taylor's University. There is a game organized by them. Basically the game is easy and meant to give away prizes.

There're a few steps before I can participate in the game.


Log into my Facebook account and like the page!/AmBankInspectorATM

Then fill in my details.


Get the passport for the game. It's stamped on my hand.


Proceed to the game & wait for your turn.

The game is rather easy but to get the prizes has a certain level of difficulty. In the AmBank space, there're a lot of paper pieces keep on floating in the air due to the wind from the bottom.

What we need to do is to grab as much paper pieces as possible. In some of the paper piece, there're words written on it. Only with those written one, we can claim for the prizes. The prizes consist of Touch & Go cards, KFC & Pizza Hut vouchers, 7-11 vouchers and more.

For me, this is the prizes that I managed to grab.

erm...I know...I am quite few='(

Before the launching of the event, an officer gathered all the bloggers and briefed us about the event.

AmBank executive Echannel, Madam Khadijah & Luckystrike

The event started with a speech from the AmBank officer.

Thanks to Taylor' University, 7-11 aka 7E, Wincor Nixdorf and RHM to make this event a great one.

There will be a new branch opening at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus at the midst of December.

AmBank is in every corner. And you can see most of the 7-E has AmBank ATM.

Do you see the figure? This is one of the reason why AmBank is going to launch this event in Facebook and also the main target for this event would be the teenagers.

This event would like to educate the teenagers like me that has the wrong perspective about AmBank.

Before this event, I thought :
-AmBank is not convenient. Maybank and CIMB is preferable.
-AmBank is PREFERABLE ONLY for loans like car loans and house loans.
-AmBank is ONLY SUITABLE for adults.

The Launching Ceremony

A clearer view of the "ATM machine".

A forum was held for media and bloggers to clear of our doubts as well as consumers' misunderstanding perspective.

After this event, I feel that:
-AmBank is suitable for all folks of people.
-AmBank is rather convenient that the ATMs are allocated at every convenient shop - 7E.
-AmBank has the safest security.
-AmBank DOESN'T provide ONLY loan services but all range of services.
-AmBank is approachable for all the consumer. If you have any doubts about the bank and its services, you can voice your issues or comment in the facebook page.


There will be a contest organized by AmBank with the theme of "Inspector ATM"

The contest duration will be from 27th October to 26th December 2010

This contest is open to all MEPS-equipped ATM cardholder (Not necessaryhave to be AmBank ATM cardholders)

What you need to do to take part in this contest is :

1) Perform a transaction at an AmBank ATM at 7-Eleven outlets to get the ATM ID on the receipt.
-Look carefully ya. Have to be AmBank ATM which is at 7-Eleven and the transaction would be able to generate a receipt. Don't think that you just want to check balance only. Some ATM wouldn't generate receipt for balance checking.

2) Take a creative photo of yourself with the AmBank ATM machines.
-Take your photo on your on risk ya. Don't make it until you the 7-Eleven sale persons have to call the police.

3) Register yourself on the AMBank Inspector ATM page in Facebook with the ATM ID and photo. Click HERE for the page.

The page would appear like this when you click on "Join Contest" at the Facebook page.

4) Start collecting points on Facebook to win amazing prizes by:
-Getting votes for your photoes.
-Playing the AmBank Inspector ATM "Spot the Difference" Game.
-Voting for the other participants' photoes.

*Clue : There will be 10, 000 points rewarded to those perform transactions more than 5 times.

The prizes are:

Click it to enlarge.

Attractive??? If yes, what are you waiting for? I am going to 7-Eleven now. Bye~!!!

*It's a sponsor post*