Sunday, November 28, 2010

Simple but Special Magical Saturday

Saturday should be a day I wake up at 10am or even later. Instead, I woke up at 6.15am. Went for a 10km GREEN FUN RUN organized by eMKay Land. Feel fresh and nice once i finished the race.

"You have to finish the race that you start no matter how it takes." - meaningful quote. Satisfaction would come to you when you managed to do something well. Regarding the run, didn't expect anything from it. The confidence-gaining is already the best consolation for me. Thought that I would be laying on the bed for the whole day after this. Somehow, it turned out to be in the opposite way. I was very energetic.

I heard the bell of Santa coming from Genting. Oh...It's from Genting World Card group.

Thanks for recognizing my creativity. Creative? ehemmmm...haha...maybe luck just strikes again...So I will be at somewhere else on the 11th December ya...Thanks again. It really enlighten my day and my weekend.

It's undeniable that currently twitter is the fastest information spreading mean. It spreads faster than virus. I saw several tweet about CRAFTY. It's to promote and showcase Malaysian local arts and crafts. It will be at The Bee, Jaya One on the 27th November from 11am till 6pm. Therefore, i took this opportunity to have a look at it.

The lady beside S.Ying is the person who hand-make all these soap. She is considered as the founder of them.

All these soap are made of natural products like fruits, olive oil, vegetables and beans. It's suitable for those people with allergic skin. It is not proved that it will cure the allergic but it certainly will improve the condition.

Being a good sis, she bought 1 for her brother.

All these accessories are handmade.

Creative design cards.

Unique Bookmarks

Pretty lady with all her design. *like it much* (i mean the design)

Not really much stall there, but the stalls sold creative stuff. All were handmade. There're many items that suitable to be a gift or present. Bought a card too.

While we were going to stepped out of The Bee, we notices familiar faces.

Edwin & us

Forgotten your name. *sorry*

If you know about the comedian show 1sex 1money 1 scandal : the virus returns, then you should know about them. It's at PJLA Theatre, Jaya One. They are from The Instant Cafe Theatre Company. Today would be the last day of the performance and unfortunately all the tickets for today are sold. Luckily we got it earlier with student price.=)

The crew for the 1sex 1money 1 scandal : the virus returns.

Their performance is awesome. It's a show that shouldn't be missed.

Then, we proceed for our dinner. Guess where is it?

Merlion? Singapore?

Haha. It's the restaurant Geylang Lor9, SS2, PJ with the famous claypot frog porridge. To know more about that restaurant, see the review from

With 2 of us, we ordered in a small portion.

Kung Pao frog. Slightly spicy but tasty.

Porridge for 2.

Lo Bak.

It cost RM40 for all including 2 glasses of warm barley. Slightly pricey but worth for it.

After filling up our stomach, here we go to the world that we will never get older.


Oooppps...i didn't mention before that this is the 2nd time I was there right? I was there for the Premiere Gala too. It's an invitation from AMBP. I would blog about the Premiere Gala soon. Thanks.

On the way to the magical world.

Do u know how much does the blue (normal) seats cost? I dunno about that when I went for the Premiere Gala. It's RM100.00 per seat + Rm3.00 processing fees. I was buying for the same seats also. Luckily I had the 50% off vouchers. So it cost me only RM106.00 for 2 tickets.

The better things that I got yesterday were:
1) Not many audiences, so our seats were upgraded to VIP seats. Nearer and better view.
2) More co-operative audiences. Gave a better response to the dancers and performers.
3) I got my photo which was taken before the entrance.
4) Have the chance to take photo with the crew coz not many kids.

About the musical show, it's the best of all the performance. It has no take-two and everything is live. The dancer will interact with the audiences and audiences will have to give their responses. It's like a two-way performance. The dancing and singing are awesome. Forget to mention about the decorations. It gave us a merry feeling. Kudos to the crew.

The decoration is nice with the theme of Christmas. It's so merry.

Since there're not many audiences, we had the chance to take photo with the crew. but haiz...aunty block my sight ar...

Since we were in Sunway city, we didn't forget to have our dessert at Snowflake from Taiwan at Subang Jaya before heading home.

Great Saturday~!!!


kak ina kl (1) said...

oh kenny..rumah kat kampung pun kena banjir jugak ker..aduhai kesiannya..banyak juga yer barang yang rosak...simpatilah..

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

yea...kena juga...5 tahun lalu kena dah...tapi kali ini lebih teruk...nasib baik kali ini, ibu bapa angkat barang ke tempat yang lebih tinggi...tak byk sgt kena la...