Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Premiere Sceening of The Social Network

In this modern world, we hardly separate ourselves with social network services like Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Friendster (Oh gosh are you from 1980???). They become necessities in our daily life so that we would keep in touch with the world outside the door. Thanks to the founder of these social network services. I admire to those genius that would create such conveniences to all the people. I do salute them.

In this coming December, there will be a movie "The Social Network" about how Facebook is started and created. Courtesy to Hitz.FM, I was invited for the premiere screening.

The founder and CEO of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and the co-founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin had started this together but they ended up in the court. Besides, there're others that involved in the case. But at last everything's solved outside the court. The idea of Facebook started because of a girl. Just because Mark Zurkerberg wanted to show that how great is him and he wanted to tell the girl "I am CEO, bitch". Somehow, he is not really an ASSHOLE but he try hard to be one. From the way how he treated Eduardo, he is really a shit. In coding world, he was really great. However, in life he still had much spaces for improvement.

I like the part when he FINALLY added the girl as friend in Facebook and kept on refreshing the page. That time, only he realize who's the person he would always keep in mind and he felt sorry for what he did.

In short, it's an interesting documentary~!!!

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