Sunday, November 21, 2010

Norm of Competition

1st of all, congratulation to Nuffnang for its success for going even greater. It has another more sister company - Jipaban. It's actually an online shopping mall which is convenient and items can be bought at reasonable prices. Hope you all will do even better in future.

As Nuffnang is expanding, the events and contests oraganized by them are getting more. The prizes are even more attractive. This would be one of the reason bloggers joining Nuffnang keep expanding. I could say that nowadays everyone would know about Nuffnang. As the bloggers that join Nuffnang's events and contests are getting increased, competition among all the contestants is getting greater.

Recently, I noticed from many blogs that they aren't satisfied with the result of some contests. Some of the contests that I know are Celcom Black Berry Torch, Digi Pimp the Music and most recently the Premiere Screening of Rapunzel : A Tangled of Tale. I understand that when we join a contest, surely we hope for something. Maybe at least a consolation. However, not every time, we get what we wish. I did feel disappointed at times. Somehow, when we are joining a contest or competition, the 1st thing that we have to do is we have to be bound to the norm of competition - either win or lose. We have to accept that before we really want to join a competition.

When the result happens to be not what we wish, we used to put on the blame on the others. Instead we never know that when we are pointing to the others, another four fingers are in our direction. I see some of the bloggers ask the organizer to study and redefine the word like "the best", "the most creative" and "the most special". They even ask them to search for the real meaning from dictionary. YES! Dictionary surely can give the best defination of it. But what in Earth can actually MEASURE these terms?
How to measure "The best"?
How to measure "The most creative"?
How to measure "The most special"?

What I could say is beauty is in the eye of beholder. Judges will definately try their best to judge every single entries in the competition. While we are expecting something perfect from them, do we really think how much PRESSURE are they?

"Engineers are a bunch of clever people. But still they can't invent a single instrument that can measure the level of pressure in people."-Rancho from the movie "3 Idiots".

So, could we just forget about the competition and just think how pressure will Nuffnang officers will be. They are facing a bunch of fussy bloggers and on the other hand, the advertisers have high expectation on them.

When we want the best from the others, hope we really give in the best first. Let's go back to the beginning. What's Nuffnang's objective when it's created. It's to gather the bloggers. Aren't you feel that we are really keep in touch right now, BLOGGERS? So what are you expecting?

*I am not writing on behalf or for which side. It's just my small piece of opinion.

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