Friday, February 25, 2011

Multi-races Under One Roof

Yes. I was back to my hometown. As usual, when I am back to my hometown, I would wake up early in the morning so that I could make it to meet my sista in primary school during recess time. Yesterday while I was waiting for sista, I saw 3 Malay boys walking towards the canteen, speaking Mandarin with each other. To make sure, I try to peep at their name tags. And Yes, they are indeed Malays. Later on, 2 Chinese boys join them and they communicate in Mandarin.

I was ashamed. I meant indeed. With the maturity of 23, I am still looking things around me with colours under the influence of One Malaysia. The boys in the school, who don't really understand the meaning of One Malaysia, show me what a real One Malaysia means. They are always colour blind, it's the adult that teach them how to differentiate the colours.

A simple thing happened around that could give us a lesson. We should proud that our nation has multi-races living under one roof.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Since we are small, we started to dream. Dream of us in future, dream of ourselves as the characters in fairy tales, dream of us being somebody...yeah, dream is good. Dreaming lead us to miracles. Dreaming let us fly without wings, dreaming let us connect each each other no matter where we are, dreaming brings us success and victory.

Somehow, as we grow older, we tend to think that dream is just a dream. And there're times people around that doesn't believe in dream will try to stop you from dreaming and even destroy your dream. Most of us would relate dreaming with ages. The famous quotes would be "Eh, don't act like a child ok? STOP DREAMING!"

I am sorry that I can't get myself agree with that. When I take a look at the video below, my stand is even stronger.

This video is in Chinese but there's English subtitle.

Dreaming DOESN"T get less as our age grow older.

It's the heart that matters, whether you want it or not.

I am one of the dreamer, and now I am going to make my dreams come true...
  1. Full marathon.
  2. Backpacking trip to overseas.
  3. Work and travel in overseas.
Hope everything would be fine and smooth. I could manage to make it for all of them by the end of this year.

What do people live for? For missing someone? For keep living? For live longer? Or for leaving?


Monday, February 21, 2011

I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch

Great news to all Nuffnangers AGAIN~!!!

65 lucky Nuffnangers and their guests will have the opportunity to watch Sucker Punch 2 days before its official premiere in Malaysia, thanks to Warner Bros & of course Nuffnang.

It's simple! All you have to do is to write a blog post titled “I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch”, and share with everyone what you would do to escape if you were held against your will with Babydoll and her team.

To know more about it, please click HERE for more information.

Sucker Punch

OK. I would like to give a try on it.

When I look at the poster I can't stop myself from thinking about them.

The PowerPuff Girls.

If I've got the power with Sucker Punch, I would definitely do something that never be expected.

First, an thorough plan has to be made. The plan has to minimized the risk to as low as possible.

Second, we have to know the skills and advantages of everyone of us. Then fully-utilize them. As a lady, being pretty and sexy is a fatal weapon for guys. USE IT ON THEM~!!!

Third, a great plan without any team work means zero. We have to cover for each other.

Fourth, we have to believe in ourselves. Our minds control everything. Don't give up and always put our spirit on.

Last but not least, make it or we will die. We have to escape BY HOOK OR BY CROOK.

Don't ever ever look down at the girlssss...see us on the Big Screen to see whether we are able to make it or not...

Offensive Post

It really took me some courage to write this. While I was hesitating, suddenly I asked myself "I thought u started this blog just to express what you think? I thought it's YOUR OWN FXCKING blog?" Then "Why now?" more blog readers already? So now you are just going to write the best part of yours or everyone's Cinderella's story so that everyone will like them and keep on viewing your blog?

Luckystrike, SERIOUSLY get a life~!!! Get your blog back~!!!

It's basically about friendship. For this certain case, I could really voice out my own opinion as a third person as I was on the spot. I didn't hear that from nowhere or create it using imaginary. The conversation is still vivid in my mind but I willn't share it here and this is how I feel...

If a friend (I seriously mean any friends of mine) doesn't give me the trust as how I give to them, I would definitely get disappointed and maybe at some point, get pissed off. Sometimes to clear my name, I would explain it defensively, as really I would get offended. Maybe you could just face the mirror, and try to reflect those words towards yourself. Is that fine? Does it sound good? When we get the echoes, we only feel part of the pain. So really think about it.

As we grow older (oh shit. 23 alredi lor), we could really play a role on the way how we treat the others. As this age, I don't see emotion, prejudice and gender would be some factors for a discussion. In most of the interaction, debate and argument are unavoidable. Somehow, make every of them a worthy one by having them rationally. At least it would be reasonable and will make everyone involved feel better. Some simple act or a slip of tongue would make thing turn from up to down.

Maybe some would tell me "Come on la Luckystrike, you are just a loser that would live in your blog of words, why don't you voice it out as a man?" Yes, you can definitely say so. But I believe that at that point, I would definitely make things look even ugly no matter how and what I said. But the most important thing is when it involves both of your friends, you just don't want to stand by anyone. It isn't about right or wrong but it's about one's maturity.

Somehow, I just don't want to give up this opportunity to share a simple view of mine here. And I don't want to delay as I know if I keep it to tomorrow, it will AGAIN be a NEVER.

Persons who were or are mentioned in my blog post are those who worth to. This might be another Luckystrike's bullshit theory. But it's indeed from the bottom of my heart, a simple sincerity from a friend.

Hope this blog post meant something. No offense.

p/s: For readers who come across this post, ask me nothing and I will tell you no lies.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday on Valentine's Day

Having birthday during the exam weeks is really not a nice thing. Notes and tutorials keep all my mood for the celebration away. Somehow, I know that this date should be remembered & cherished. Thanks to my parents, I was the Valentine gift for my parents 23 years ago. They were once that romantic BEFORE. haha...

I do appreciate...
my mum had carried me with her for 10 months.
my mum fought till the edge just to let me see this world.

Thank you mum.

Oh ya, back to my birthday this year. On the eve, only I realize that I am a going-to-be 23. Time passes so fast. Should have appreciate my time more. Since this year most of my friends around me are busying preparing for exam too, I don't think they have time to buy any cake to smash on my face ya. *fingers crossed* Haha... I believe in Karma. Before this, I have created it. Now it's pay back time.

..........Half way..........

While I was writing this blog, suddenly my housemates and Eric came into my room with a cake. OH GOSH~!!! I smell something bad. Indeed, my deduction was quite accurate. My hair, face and neck were full of cake and cream & I was down to the swimming pool. Hope that's all. Anyway, thanks a lot for the surprise. Haha...

Thanks for the early birthday celebration at Citrus Plus, Subang SS15...

2 bowl of mushroom soup

Seafood Black Paper Pasta

Bangers & Mash

Chocolate Fondue

Thanks to groupsmore. I don't have to pay through my nose for all those food...

Then, we went for desert at Snowflake.

Thanks for all the wishes in Facebook, Twitter and SMS.

[Valentine's day is not just for lovers. Its also 4 friends who love each other better than lovers "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY' and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"]

Among all the wishes, this is the one I found it unique. Actually I had a crush on the person who send me this wish before & I told her about it. Somehow, we were not in relationship before. Instead, we are now friends who love each other better than lovers. =)

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone~!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-23 Day

In less than 24 hours, I am going to be 23. Oh shit~!!! Time really flies. When I 1st step into MMU, I was not even 20 but after today, I am plus 3. Just like how people always say "2 pieces plus alredi." Oh gosh. If everything goes smooth *finger crossed*, it will be my last year in MMU and I am going to step into working life. In short, no more student price when buying tickets, no more "I-am-just-a-student" excuses, no more allowance from parents...

During CNY, met a lot of friends that have started working. The favourite question from most of them would be "When will you graduate?" As usual my answer "If everything goes smooth, then this year lor." They will reply me with "Appreciate your time when you are studying le. Working life sucks."

Eh abang2 & kakak2, Jangan takutkan adik la. Adik terkencing bila graduate nanti. haha... Anyway, thanks for the precious advise & I will appreciate the time left in MMU.

For the past 22 years, I haven't done anything big. Gonna do it now starting from the smallest part. Hope 23 would be a good start for me to lead my own life.

Happy Valentine Day to all the couples & Happy Luckystrike Day to those who are not in that category. 14th February is always a day to be celebrated.

A Luckystrike a day makes your everyday a great days.

Oppppssss...Sorry sorry...I don't should be...

A click in a day makes your everyday a great day.