Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday on Valentine's Day

Having birthday during the exam weeks is really not a nice thing. Notes and tutorials keep all my mood for the celebration away. Somehow, I know that this date should be remembered & cherished. Thanks to my parents, I was the Valentine gift for my parents 23 years ago. They were once that romantic BEFORE. haha...

I do appreciate...
my mum had carried me with her for 10 months.
my mum fought till the edge just to let me see this world.

Thank you mum.

Oh ya, back to my birthday this year. On the eve, only I realize that I am a going-to-be 23. Time passes so fast. Should have appreciate my time more. Since this year most of my friends around me are busying preparing for exam too, I don't think they have time to buy any cake to smash on my face ya. *fingers crossed* Haha... I believe in Karma. Before this, I have created it. Now it's pay back time.

..........Half way..........

While I was writing this blog, suddenly my housemates and Eric came into my room with a cake. OH GOSH~!!! I smell something bad. Indeed, my deduction was quite accurate. My hair, face and neck were full of cake and cream & I was down to the swimming pool. Hope that's all. Anyway, thanks a lot for the surprise. Haha...

Thanks for the early birthday celebration at Citrus Plus, Subang SS15...

2 bowl of mushroom soup

Seafood Black Paper Pasta

Bangers & Mash

Chocolate Fondue

Thanks to groupsmore. I don't have to pay through my nose for all those food...

Then, we went for desert at Snowflake.

Thanks for all the wishes in Facebook, Twitter and SMS.

[Valentine's day is not just for lovers. Its also 4 friends who love each other better than lovers "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY' and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"]

Among all the wishes, this is the one I found it unique. Actually I had a crush on the person who send me this wish before & I told her about it. Somehow, we were not in relationship before. Instead, we are now friends who love each other better than lovers. =)

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone~!!!

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