Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I guess many of you may know that I have a adik angkat studying in Standard 3 right now ya.
Few days ago, juz have a chat wif her after I was informed that she was ill-treated by her friends in the class. She actually did not dare to tell Aunty the truth.

This is what I heard from Aunty:
My sis told aunty: "Aunty, i tell u sth but u don't scold me ya. my classmate bully me in the class. Don't scold them. Later they don't want be friends with me."

That's the moment I feel pain. Reali pain to see someone you care of is ill-treated by the friends around her & still she keeps it to herself.

This conversation actually should be in Mandarin. I find it a bit inconvenient to type in Mandarin. So i translate it.

Me : Harlo...
Sis : Harlo...y calling?
Me : Do you have something to call me?
Sis : My friends pushed my forehead with their hands and they oso pulled my hair.
Me : Then do you tell the teacher?
Sis : No. I come bc tell aunty onli.
Me : Next time juz tell the teacher. dont let them do it again.
Sis : in the class they make the waste paper into round shape & throw to each other & it hit me.
Me : Did they day sorry?
Sis : No. Got 1 time, they knock at my spectacles & it almost hurt my eyes.

The others were the part I console her & tell her the right thing to do if she face that again.
My sis is nt a normal child, if u reali know wat I mean.
But for me, she is my sis.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Life...fair or unfair?

While listening to the song 記得要忘記 by S.H.E., I was chatting with a friend...

While chatting, suddenly this few things came across my mind...wanna ask for opinion...
Let's come out with a few character. G1 is a guy while G2 is another guy & L1 is a lady.

G1 is care of L1 but L1 would be more concern on G2. L1 would be happy when G2 treated her nice & will be sad if it is another way round. L1 would pour everything to G1 when things do not go in her way. G1 will be always there when needed. But the thing is what G1 always hear is all the ill-treat from G2 to L1. G1 will always be upset & disappointed when he hear that. However, L1 would still treat G2 nice despite of all the hardship. So as G1 will always be around L1 when she needs help.
Some would say that G1 deserve a better treat while some would say L1 would deserve a more gentleman treat from another guy. But that's life. That's really a norm of life.

G1 & G2...if you are a guy(for girls) which 1 is better? G1 as a recycle bin that has to store all the sadness from L1 or G2 that creates sadness for L1.
If you are given a chance, which role you u pick?

I have made my choice. What's yours?

Dude, take care ya~!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Yuan Hong

It's 27th of Mac 2009 & it's ur big day again. It has been 2 years that your birthday falls on midterm break ya. This time it's lucky that it falls on Saturday which we can have a celebration with you.

Dinner at Hoi Tong Steamboat Restaurant in Serdang -> Candle blowing, playing UNO game, playing poker, playing cards at Station One Cafe at Jaya One in P.J. -> Some traditional game with street post outside Jaya One -> Last but not least, celebration in the swimming pool at Block C, Cyberia Smart House.

It has been 2 years ago that one of our frenz, Julian was pushed into the swimming pool on his big day. That time Yin did accompany her. This time, my housemate, YHong decided to be the legend & do it alone...with some of our help i think.

This video is the action done by Yuanhong...hehe...

*Sorry that the video was taken randomly & it may not be clear. Hope you all will be bear of it.

Birthday boy! You are the man...

Happy Birthday~!!!

My Date Night

Date is considered as the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity.
So here it goes for mine that I considered as one of the most memorable date.
This date was already one year ago. But it was still fresh in my mind. I can still remember it vividly. Even sometime my friends would keep "reminding" me by teasing me. Thanks bro. A simple observation from you all make the whole date a special one.

In a typical date, we all will try to take down the best moment. Same goes to me. I do not want to miss the moment also. So I had taken a photo with that girl.

*Sorry that I have to keep the girl in a low profile.*
From the photo, it's obvious that the girl had bend down a bit so that I looked slightly taller than her. I understood that she just wanted me to look better in the photo. *Appreciate it much*

However, life is not really a bed of rose. Nono!!!I mean dating is not a bed of roses.

This photo was taken by my friend that was around there at that moment.

I was tip-toeing when the photo was taken. Oh...thank god. It's so embarrassing.
a great news for the paparazzi...that's the perfect moment for their senses to be so sensitive.

The next day I was greeted as "Mr. Shorty" by most of my friends.

I was born to be like that one. It's not a wrong to be short ok? It's not me that short. The girl is tall ok?

Haha...I will still laugh when I come across this photo...

It's a really a memorable date.

Thanks for the great memory~!!!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why started blogging?

Few days ago someone told me :"Ei, you dont ask me view my blog d la. It's getting more on commercial alredi. Nth interesting anymore."

Yeah...she did get the point right. Sorry for upsetting my blog viewers...
I looked back all the previous post & it's mostly about it...
It shud be a place i can show & express wat's in my mind & heart.
But according to her, she can't see so...

I started blogging which I force some of the viewers to view it at least everyday. She is one the viewers that I mean. I guess i am going to far ahead that I forget how's my blog was created. How it come from and why it come from. i guess i shud stop a moment & look back. Mayb i have kind of out of track. it will always be the luckystrike14.blogspot.com ju like before...Thanks dude for the kindly and friendly reminder.

To somebody that is concerned:
You are still a cow. you are nt romantic at all.haha...
Thank you.

At the mean time, I also juz realize something. I have not changed my pencil beg for many years. if I am nt mistaken is since Form 3. It has been around me around 7 years alredi. If I am not mistaken again, that's the first ever gift tat I get from a "kiam siap gui"...hahaha...it's juz a description...coz it's kinda hard for her to gv me sth...

The first & the last of everything mean sth for me. for example, an event would have opening & closing ceremony one rite? OK...nex example would be the class during ur trimester. most of the time, I would be there 1st few weeks & the last few weeks. the week in between, I will attend if i notice my attendance is in RED colour. 1st few week, i attend is to recognized the lecturer, juz in case when ppl ask, i still can answer la...then last few weeks le...sure is for final exam la...wah! last few weeks bertaubat ar, sempatkah nih? Apa bertaubat la???last few weeks attend is hopefully can get some tips larh...ok...cut all the bullshit la..i try 2 attend all my class one...but life is unpredictable...so anything just let it be la...*suiyuan*

Anyway, wat i juz wanna say is i appreciate the 1st as it's the foundation i learn sth....meanwhile i will never know when's the last part...
so thanks for the 1st and appreciate what I have now is wat I am trying 2 practice in my daily life...so every thurday after language class, skip ent go dengkil for breakfast is part of my practice...it's a way i appreciate that I am still alive...

27th March 8.30-9.30pm is again the Earth Hour. So KLCC view again???So romantic meh???Nui Nui...*mu mu*Maybe...haha...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life is like a chocolate box....

Life is like a chocolate box. You will never know what you get. Everyday, there will be surprise around u. While I am driving, i always change my radio tune to One FM. That is the only time, i will join the sms contest whenever I get to know there's any contest from One FM. So every time I will press on my handphone to send the sms while I am driving. *hope my parents don't see this le..*

Today I receive a package.

It's from One FM...

I get a brand new CD of Britney Spears
Not really a big fans of her. I just participate in every contest. You will never know when ur luck will be there. Just give it a try

For those for a BIG REAL fans of her, if you want the CD, pls let me know. I think it's more appropriate to give it to someone who appreciate it.
However, there's some crack on the casing, it doesn't affect the CD inside. *that's the part i don't like CD to be posted*

That's my name in the winner list.

Thanks for the luck~!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Sweat!

Yes! I am a Malaysian. I live in Malaysia. Then?
Good question. Then what are you expecting? NO SWEAT? Or you want snow?
Can you please don't make me laugh? LOL~!!!
Are you going to stay in an air-conditioner room 24/7?
Yes! During the day time. Then I only carry out outdoor activities at night....
Wah! brilliant idea. But do you know nowadays, the weather changes a lot. Even at night, it's stuffy, no wind. Even a few steps to mamak in front of your house also you will get sweat la....
But then how ar?
How what? Just sweat la...

That's a simple conversation that would say that the temperature in Malaysia is averagely high. I come from Perlis. Last few months, Perlis was the hottest state in Malaysia. The temperature can up to 37.5 Celsius during day time. During my trimester break or I should say it as summer break in Malaysia, I was freaking hot when I was in my hometown. I hid myself in my air-conditioner room. Oppps, feel thirsty. Then come out from my room just to have some drink. I started to sweat.=.=

When I went out for yamcha session, the first thing my friends would say was "ei bro, after bathing please wipe first before you wear your clothes la."
Dude, I wish to. But I was sweating non-stop~!!!

Sometimes, even in the shopping complex with poor air-condition system, I would also get sweat. The whole body of mine get drenched.

Now the worst case is when I want to get to know a girl.
Most of the girl would tell me that "You are so wet!!!"
(Translation in canto = you are so ham 'sap')
Oh goshh~!!!

Thanks to the creation of ADIDAS!!!

Adidas Action
1. 24H anti-perspirant.
2. Anti odour.
3. Active absorbent complex

With this 3 critiries, Yes!!! It helps me a lot. Now I can say "Ehemm...Ladies, may I..."
Now I am really no sweat!!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open!
Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions

Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Patrick Festival at One Utama

Last Friday which was 19th of March 2010, Guinness organized St. Patrick Festival at One Utama. The events started at 6.oopm and end at 11.00pm. I can't miss this chance to have a look at this grand festival.

I reached One Utama kind of early, 1 hour plus before the event started. Just walked around in the shopping mall & also have Shusi Zammai as my late lunch.

Then around 6.30pm, I moved my ass to the event.

Looking at the map so that I won't get lose....

That's the stage. I was like 'Wow~!!!'. I can smell something 'hot' over here. Wuah~!!!Guinness~!!!

Creative! It's built by balloons. Surely a lot of effort has been put just for this. What to say more about this event?

Just walk around the area. I can see many people are going GREEN...

That's what we call St. Patrick Festival la...It's originated from Ireland...then surely is from Irish lor...

There are a lot of street performance too...

People that are much taller...*walking with a long stick attached to his legs*

Cycling around with only one wheel...


When he knew that the camera was on him...


Each of them are playing their own role. They really bring joy & happiness to the crowds...

There're a lot of games there too...

Just beat it~!!!Beat it! Beat it. Hit the things as hard as possible.

Have to make the frog "jump" into the basket by hitting the blue part.

Tig-Tag Toe. Three balls are given & have in make them straight in vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

Have to play the dice to get the number of 11,9 or 7.

The dices are cute~!!!

Finally get this & come badges after playing so many games.

The arrange of the cup cakes is kinda of special & the cup cakes look so yummmy...so take a photo of it.

Then I was given a cup cake for free.

There's stout inside. Woohoo...nice~!!!

Nice food is on the way...


Tables for dining are prepared.

This is the place where you pay RM20 for a pinch and you can bring back the mug. Besides, it's refillable.

K.L. Urban Escape is here too~!!!

Finally, someone can take photo for me...

It's a great experience & kinda enjoy it. Looking forward for the next year celebration~!!!

*Blog post that full of photos*

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair~!!!!
What's that actually???

Something looks like this? But this looks more like "Alice in the wonderland". How am I going to attend? Sleep earlier & dream about it?

No No No!!! You don't need to. You are going to have it real, seeing it with your naked eyes in front of you.
Thanks to Gatsby that turn a dream to a reality...

Gatsby is going to bring us a Street Fair at Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

The place should look like this la if I am not mistaken.

Then when is it?

It's on the 17th April 2010 and it's Saturday. Yeah! It's during weekend.

How about the time?

10.00am till 5.00pm. Wah!!!nice..not too early not too late...

The simplified details would be :
Date: 17th April 2010
Time: 10am till 5pm
Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

Aiya...early early say ma easy lorr~!!!

Then what's happening there???

There will be lucky draws and Gatsby have various cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 up for us to grabs!
Besides, there will be a fun-fair game like the "Alice in the wonderland" above. Among all the exciting fun-fair games on that day, there will also be Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suits!), gladiator battles and other amusing and addictive games.
Oh! I can't afford to miss those exciting games. I am surely going to attend it...I think many people will be there too...

Ohhh...To avoid any unpleasant odour from me in that crowd, I think I am going to use one of it...

To know more about Gatsby products and the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair, please log on to www.gatsby.com.my/streetfair

Hope to see many people there...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Yea!Talking about surfing...
It's something that I have spent most of my time with it even most of the time I am not using it WISELY. I guess you guys know what it means ya.

As a full time students, the tests, assignments, quiz, and exams indeed make my life packed, without a single time to hang around with friends when everything comes together at the same time. *ehhhheeemmm...EXCUSES*
Thanks to the internet connection service, we are able to communicate and socialize. Nowadays, people like to use the phrase "FB-ing". Even during the exam, many of us are still able to spend time to online. Fabebook & Twitter updates are even faster during that time. STUDENTS NEED SOME BREAK ALSO OK~!!!

Talking about Facebook, yesterday I just received a "friend request" from my DAD'S FRIENDS. Wah~!!!I don't mean to be harsh but Uncle, I need some privacy la. (FB got any privacy one meh??) At least from my parents la duh!
I don't hope to receive any call from parents a second after I posted up something....

The surfing spot that I prefer would be...*deng deng deng*


It's nice to spend Sunday afternoon there surfing internet while drinking coffee relaxingly. Spending my time just surf something out of the topic of Academic. That's like being in heaven. haha...However, life is never a bed of roses. Spending one afternoon in Starbuck would cost me at least RM15.00.

My wallet would be having a big big hole if I am always been there ordering the same cup of drink.
However surfing in my own house, I need to be fixed in one place. I have to use cable to plug into my laptop & I will end up be there. Just there. Sometimes, I just hope that I can surf while walking. Surf while jogging. Surf while swimming???
How I wish I can find an alternative for me to online anywhere???

I guess this would be helping...

Have you try on it?
Mind to tell me how it is?

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Specially deicated...

To the person with his name stated here....
Saw it???
Biodata Pesakit...*guess where izit?*
Now see the date... 20/2/2010...
6 days after CNY day 1 la...
Wah~!!!manyak heng le...

Now we have a look with a larger image of the place...

Wow~!!!number 16 there...Lucky 16???

Sooo....you are Lee Kok Seang??? Bed 16th???
Kinda pity him, he had started get sick since we went Penang...He worried that he might get effected by dengue...so he came to Hospital for a check up...who knows he was invited for 3 days 2 night stay in Hospital Tunku Fauziah FOR FREE...*he was suspected*
As a friend, I tried to help him...& that day was actually Saturday...He told me that he was staying in ward 1 & his bed was 16...
Guess what came across my mind???
Toto, Magnum & Damacai la...apa lagi...
In order to be creative, I bought 1601, 1016, 6101, 1061...
However, "ong" was not at our side...
the 2nd price was an almost....1065...
I told him the nex day when I visited him....

Then he acted like a big baby....^^
Specially dedicated to U...