Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Yea!Talking about surfing...
It's something that I have spent most of my time with it even most of the time I am not using it WISELY. I guess you guys know what it means ya.

As a full time students, the tests, assignments, quiz, and exams indeed make my life packed, without a single time to hang around with friends when everything comes together at the same time. *ehhhheeemmm...EXCUSES*
Thanks to the internet connection service, we are able to communicate and socialize. Nowadays, people like to use the phrase "FB-ing". Even during the exam, many of us are still able to spend time to online. Fabebook & Twitter updates are even faster during that time. STUDENTS NEED SOME BREAK ALSO OK~!!!

Talking about Facebook, yesterday I just received a "friend request" from my DAD'S FRIENDS. Wah~!!!I don't mean to be harsh but Uncle, I need some privacy la. (FB got any privacy one meh??) At least from my parents la duh!
I don't hope to receive any call from parents a second after I posted up something....

The surfing spot that I prefer would be...*deng deng deng*


It's nice to spend Sunday afternoon there surfing internet while drinking coffee relaxingly. Spending my time just surf something out of the topic of Academic. That's like being in heaven. haha...However, life is never a bed of roses. Spending one afternoon in Starbuck would cost me at least RM15.00.

My wallet would be having a big big hole if I am always been there ordering the same cup of drink.
However surfing in my own house, I need to be fixed in one place. I have to use cable to plug into my laptop & I will end up be there. Just there. Sometimes, I just hope that I can surf while walking. Surf while jogging. Surf while swimming???
How I wish I can find an alternative for me to online anywhere???

I guess this would be helping...

Have you try on it?
Mind to tell me how it is?

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