Thursday, March 31, 2011

St. Patrick Festival at Changkat Bukit Bintang

Merry goes around in March has come to an end. Started to miss St. Patrick already. If you all follow my blog, I think you all notice about my previous blog in the early of March with the title St Patrick's Festival 2011. I was lucky enough to be invited for the launch at GAB. It's even merrier when I was invited for the St. Patrick Festival at Changkat Bukit Bintang as media press. Of course, all this should be credited to Nuffnang.

On 17th March, I reached Changkat Bukit Bintang at around 6.30pm.

After I had done with the registration, I was given a badge. A great & cool badge that could make me drank for the rest of my night. So how should I start my celebration? Come on... It's for St. Patrick. Do it for him...

Ehemm...I would like a pint of...GUINNESS~!!!

That's my drink starting from that moment. Just because of this badge, I can get free flow of Guinness. Cool right?

Among all those on the rack...

What's the meaning of St. Patrick Festival if it's without a single pint of Guinness?

The festival is even merrier when the spirit of St. Patrick was shared among my buddies. They finally reached. Meet 2 famous & active bloggers : Micheal & Nikel. Mixed around together with The Gang and had fun together.

Yamsheng for St. Patrick~!!!

The mark of being conquered.

St. Patrick is actually a global festival that celebrated by people around the world. Thanks to Irish, we have such a merry day. The day continued with street performance, drinking, dancing and for sure enjoying...

I really get myself a good night that day...especially spending my time with those Irish pretties...

So...would you marry me?

Oooooppppssss....I mean would we merry each other on this Saint's day?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Virgin Experience with Astro PVR

"Harlo, boleh saya cakap dengan En. Tan?"
"Ya. Saya Encik Tan."
"Saya dari Astro. Tahniah, Encik Tan. Encik telah dapat pakej Astro PVR selama 1 tahun. Saya akan memasang di rumah encik dalam 10 hari ini."
"OK. Terima kasih ya."

Thanks to Nuffnang and Astro, I was one of the winners for the "I Want to Record ... with Astro B.yond PVR Contest"

I was entitle:
  • Free Astro B.yond PVR Box Accessories (B.yond outdoor dish, HDMI cable, smart card, remote control)
  • Free Standard Installation (surface wiring)
  • Free Lifetime Warranty (Lifetime maintenance including all repairs to the box and its accessories)
  • Free Recording Service for 12 months (from time of Astro B.yond PVR activation)
As a bonus, I get:
  • Free one year subscription to High Defination services.
3 days after the conversation, a technician from Astro came as a Santa Claus. It was fast. That day was even a SATURDAY. They really sacrifice their weekend just to provide a better service for customer. Bravo to Astro~!!!

He started with the most challenging part...*deng deng deng*

Change the B.yond outdoor dish.

Salute them as they have to risk their life just to make us comfortable. It might be just double-storey for my house. Just imagine an apartment or condominium. Thanks ya~!!!

This is the magic box that have everything that can make a normal view to HD attach with recording capability.

This is the brand new Astro B.yond box PVR.

Ah, complicated "backside"...

New remote control. Yeah~!!! The old one already almost spoiled. Shhh....=)
Oh...Have to go through the menu to know more about the functions. *hate this part*

After the exciting climbing, the technician continued with the cabling. It's not easy to do so as he needed to measure the length from outside to inside. He did has the patience.

Ah! Practice really makes perfect. Not more than 15 minutes, he's done. If I were the one doing it, I think 2 days will be insufficient.

After the hardware part, it's time to deal with the software. In other words, it's the installation.

This is the part every of my family members started counting down...


Yeah...Did you see it?

It's totally complete and I can enjoy my ASTRO B.yond PVR already.

A big round of applause to Astro and the technician. There're a few reasons that deserve the claps.
  • They act fast. I mean real fast. While we were expecting them to come in 10 working days. They came 3 days later.
  • They are the men of their words. They don't tell sweet lies. When they say it's FREE, It's FREE.
  • Their services are good and nice. They will curve a smile on their face no matter how tough is the job.
  • They make us the priority. Weekdays we will not be at home during day time. They would purposely come on Saturday.
In short, we were just happy with it.

Follow my blog if you want to know more about Astro PVR...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sorry for being MIA

Untuk memulakan blog post saya, saya ingin menyusun sepuluh jari meminta ampun maaf...

Really sorry for Missing In Action for so long, especially to my blog readers.

Started my new semester 2 weeks ago. Though it's just one last core subject in this semester, final year project (FYP) keep me occuppied most of the time. Now my life would be makan FYP, minum FYP, tidur FYP. It's actually not that serious. But all this should be credited to my last-minute attitude and poor time management. It strikes again even though I had told myself several times that I must get rid of this attitude. No point of playing the blaming game now, what I should do is to fix all those mess.

Last week, I had a great weekend with my family at Genting Highland. We seldom go for vacation together. Previously, my parents would keep on working so that their children would have a better education and life. Now, they are considerably free and would like to spend more time vacation. Somehow, their children is engaged in studying or working.

Luckily this school holiday everyone of us make it. Spending our time above the cloud was a nice one especially with all my loved ones. The initial plan was 2 days 1 night in First World Hotel. Thanks to World Card Genting I got another free room EXACTLY the next day. Though it's kind of troublesome as we need to check-out and check-in again, paying 1 night for 2 night stay is more than worth. Besides, thanks to Uncle Lim, I got my luck on the French Ball table. At least, it can be used to pay several meals.

Thanks Genting World Card Malaysia.

There're something that I would like to share regarding parents. For my parents, spending most of their time in a small town indeed let them lose connection about what's happening in the city. The sequence they visited K.L. city can be counted by using 10 fingers. It's already years since their last visit here. While we were on the way towards Genting, I kept on explaining the building or scenery along the journey. When I was a child, I liked to ask question. After I got the explanation from my parents, I will be amazed that my parents know everything. That's the expression that I saw from my parents that time. At that moment, a mixed feeling aroused in me. The good one is I do get to know much and thanks to my parents, on the other side is they did sacrifice A LOT just to build a BETTER me.

It's a Hari Raya advertisement from Petronas in year 2007.

I do hope that I will always remember this advertisement. My parents can't travel much on their feet nowadays. They are getting tired easily. It's time I accompany them how they carry me with them when I was small and naif.

Don't get so caught up chasing dreams that we forget to smell the rose. We may have the time, but not the others. Appreciate people around you before you lose them.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid Review

Talking about mobile prepaid service, most of the customers have no idea on the rates. Many would think that it's a play-safe way to use prepaid as you will not spend more than the amount you have. Yes!!! That's the right way. But why not do it better by choosing a better rate prepaid service. You would get a better benefit of using mobile prepaid.

After using lots of mobile prepaid service, I think this would be one of the best among them...

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid.

Let me briefly introduce about that Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid.

Rates for Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid service:

  • 16 sen/min
  • 5 sen/SMS
  • 5 sen/MB data
I guess this would be the most concerned critiria right? Btw, do I mention that ALL RATES ARE FLAT RATES???
A constant rate to get in touch with all your family and friends.

Benefits of Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid:

  • Free RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa.
  • Earn Tune Talk points for AirAsia flights for every top up. Points will NEVER be expired.
  • Option to change your number anytime.
  • Super low flat rates nationwide to any number, anytime.
Do you come across any Telco in our nation that rewards you with free Air Asia flights? Now Tune Talk is the first one.

Get a prepaid service to get free Personal Acidental Insurance Coverage by Etiqa? Wao~! Can't believe it.

Personally, I met some problems during my SIM card activation. I managed to activate, but I can't call out and send message using that SIM card. I can only receive calls and messages. That's the part I hate as I have to contact the support team to tell them my problem and wait...wait...wait...It would make me feel worse if I have to deal with the automatic computerized operator.

Somehow, it's not bad as what I think. I logged into hopping that it would help me.

I clicked on the "Selfcare" tab and registered myself.

In a few minutes, I am done. I have an account for it. So what's the use of that?

  • I can change and update my profile easily in "My Profile".
  • Did I mention about option to change your number anytime just now? Yes. I can do it here at "My Numbers".
  • I can reload using "My Service".
  • I can also keep track on my calling and SMS usage in "My Usage". I can also check on the rate.
Oh. Back to the plight that I mentioned before. I wanted to keep in touch with them to tell them my problem. So, I clicked on the "Chat with us" on the top right corner.

Guess what???

After half an hour, a Tune Talk technician called me up to let me know that my problem was solved. Kudos to Tune Talk and Gesh (online operator) who assisted me. Tune Talk has given great services for the customers. They do not take customer's problem for granted. That makes me as a customer feel nice and comfortable with the services.

Moreover, Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid is giving away lots of prizes, concert tickets and more for the customers. Currently, it's the Justin Bieber My World Tour Concert Tickets. Don't hesistate to get it NOW!

This is what I have seen and experienced so far. I think Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid is great and awesome. So what are you waiting for? Try it for real. Don't just sit there and look others enjoying the benefits.

[AD] Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid

Saturday, March 5, 2011

St. Patrick's Festival 2011

Every time when I pass by the Federal Highway that near to Sunway Junction, i will see a big beverage company.

Guinness Anchor Berhad

Somehow, I can't see any entrance to the company along the way. Have a feeling of "so near yet so far". I wonder how could people access to that company ya?

Thanks to Nuffnang and GAB, I have the chance to step into it and have a glance.


That's the reason I was here. I was here for the launch of the St. Patrick's festival. This a month long celebration will take place throughout the whole nation and will hit the climax on the 17th of March 2011 with a street festival at Changkat Bukit Bintang. It would give the beer lovers a taste of the global party experience that has been celebrated in other major cities such as New York, Boston and Toronto each year.

Last year celebration was an awesome one. To have an idea about last year celebration, please have a look at St. Patrick's Festival 2010 at One Utama.

The launch was at the GAB Tavern.

The Tavern is only allow for 18 & above.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I just can't imagine that there's such a great tavern in a company. But somehow, this is what GAB are meant for right?

That's the drink for the whole night~!

Before the launch, there's a speech by the Ms. Yap Swee Leng, Marketing Director of GAB.

"For the entire month, GUINNESS St. Patrick's celebration aim to share the true spirit and essence of the St. Patrick's Festival that is globally synonymous with GUINNESS. Instead of just celebrating it for a day, we at GUINNESS are bringing St. Patrick's fun all throughout March to put bright spots in the daily grind of our consumers. Keep a look out for our entertaining festivities as well as consumer promotions that make everyday a St. Patrick's Day!" - Marketing Director of GAB.

Her speech ended with a big round of applause.

Besides nice food is served, there's a range of performance after the launch. I like it especially the Irish Dance performance.

That's the icon of St Patrick's Festival 2011.

Lovely 'Irish' ladies and gentlemen.

Nice meeting with you all.

Merry goes round in this March. Don't miss out the St. Patrick's celebration especially the grand one at Changkat Bukit Bintang on the 17th of March. Mark the date on your calender. To know more about St. Patrick's festival, just log onto

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!