Monday, March 21, 2011

Sorry for being MIA

Untuk memulakan blog post saya, saya ingin menyusun sepuluh jari meminta ampun maaf...

Really sorry for Missing In Action for so long, especially to my blog readers.

Started my new semester 2 weeks ago. Though it's just one last core subject in this semester, final year project (FYP) keep me occuppied most of the time. Now my life would be makan FYP, minum FYP, tidur FYP. It's actually not that serious. But all this should be credited to my last-minute attitude and poor time management. It strikes again even though I had told myself several times that I must get rid of this attitude. No point of playing the blaming game now, what I should do is to fix all those mess.

Last week, I had a great weekend with my family at Genting Highland. We seldom go for vacation together. Previously, my parents would keep on working so that their children would have a better education and life. Now, they are considerably free and would like to spend more time vacation. Somehow, their children is engaged in studying or working.

Luckily this school holiday everyone of us make it. Spending our time above the cloud was a nice one especially with all my loved ones. The initial plan was 2 days 1 night in First World Hotel. Thanks to World Card Genting I got another free room EXACTLY the next day. Though it's kind of troublesome as we need to check-out and check-in again, paying 1 night for 2 night stay is more than worth. Besides, thanks to Uncle Lim, I got my luck on the French Ball table. At least, it can be used to pay several meals.

Thanks Genting World Card Malaysia.

There're something that I would like to share regarding parents. For my parents, spending most of their time in a small town indeed let them lose connection about what's happening in the city. The sequence they visited K.L. city can be counted by using 10 fingers. It's already years since their last visit here. While we were on the way towards Genting, I kept on explaining the building or scenery along the journey. When I was a child, I liked to ask question. After I got the explanation from my parents, I will be amazed that my parents know everything. That's the expression that I saw from my parents that time. At that moment, a mixed feeling aroused in me. The good one is I do get to know much and thanks to my parents, on the other side is they did sacrifice A LOT just to build a BETTER me.

It's a Hari Raya advertisement from Petronas in year 2007.

I do hope that I will always remember this advertisement. My parents can't travel much on their feet nowadays. They are getting tired easily. It's time I accompany them how they carry me with them when I was small and naif.

Don't get so caught up chasing dreams that we forget to smell the rose. We may have the time, but not the others. Appreciate people around you before you lose them.

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