Friday, January 28, 2011

Chinese New Year greetings from Nuffnang & Tune Talk

Just a week left, Chinese New Year is really just around the corner. *yahoooooo* Though I might not be as excited like I used to, still I am looking forward for it. Booked an early flight to Alor Setar. Thanks for Julian for sending me to LCCT. When I reached the airport, I sang the song "I'm coming home". The tone even merrier when I saw my parents' smile.

I hardly keep in touch with the social network when I am in my hometown. Ya, ulu right? haha...So I would spend 1-2 hours to engage myself in computer centre/KFC/RFC (Radic Fried Chicken) to check my email, updates in FB, twitter and so on.

Yesterday, to my surprise, I get an email from Nuffnang.

Thanks Nuffnang & Tune Talk for the early surprise. Thanks to Siew Fai for helping to claim it on behalf.

So What's the fuss??? Want to know about it? Wait till I use it and I will update my blog about it.

STAY TUNE~~~talk~!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy CNY

FYP part presentation done!!!
Assignments all submitted!!!
Assignment presentations going-to-done tomorrow!!!

My flight back to hometown would be on 26th. yeah~!!! 2 days left...
I am a person who used to go back whenever during the holidays. However, going back during CNY is kind of anticipated and the feeling would be different. I like that feeling.

At 1st, I thought that I won't be able to go back for CNY celebration this year. It's due to the change of my campus academic calender. My exam week will start on 7th of February. But fortunately, my papers are on 17th & 19th. *thank god*

It's nice & warm to celebrate CNY with family and friends. I like reunion dinner much. Not because of the food, but the bond within the family members.

A CNY movie from Woohoo Production - Great Day.

Some part of the video was actually taken in my hometown, Kuala Perlis. Just realize that my hometown has such great scenery. This time, I am going to go around my hometown and really have a look.

Perlis, a place without an Tesco, MCD, Carrefour, Giant, Jusco, is a place where keep most of my memories. A place I learned to make my first step, to make new friends, to start sharing and to keep the bond stronger. It has nothing that people outside wish for but it's a place I like the most.

Just want to say "Yes, I am from Perlis!"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race - Dancing Fish

This is the last station for our race and I feel like all those good things are going to come to an end. We found that the chance for us to get the smart phones is very least. Somehow, we are satisfied. We learnt many new routes and tasted new food besides facing and solving riddles and challenges along the race. I would recommend all the nice food to all my friends. Furthermore, we also found out that there're a lot of aspects that we need to take care of to secure a victory. We are absolutely lacked of urge and eagerness. We shouldn't ever give up in the race no matter how. Once you start it, you will have to end it.

Oh...the dishes at our last station...*almost forget about it*

The Dancing Fish is allocated at Bangsar Shopping Mall. It just started operating since 3 months ago. Quite a new restaurant & we are proud to be here.

The decoration is superb with the quite atmosphere and nice sentimental song lingering around you. You will have a better appetite to dine in here.

The bar lounge in the restaurant.

Looking at the restaurant name, we know that the signature dish served in the restaurant would be fish.

The fish is real fresh, cooked with awesome sauce. It tastes sweet. This dishes is highly recommended. It cost Rm 58.90 but a nice fish for that price is worth than anything else.

This would be the star fruit salad with sea bass. *It's cooked with charcoal* This is the 1st time I see star fruit is cooked as the main dish.

The sweet fish and the sour star fruit salad really make a good combination for a diner.

This would be the dessert. The durian ice-cream is always my favourite. I would say that’s awesome. Looking at the photos, I bet you all would be drooling there.

If you all are interested in the shop, you can always come to
Dancing Fish,
Lot T120, T121, 122,
285, Jalan Maroof, 3rd Floor,Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 K.L. Malaysia.

At last, Food for friends~!!!

We might not be finish the race in how we wish to. Somehow, All of us have done a good job. Kudos to our first Amazing Race-liked food hunting. Thank you so much to make it. This race would reserve a memorable one for me.

*It's kinda late for this post. But better late than never.*

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Maxis Om Nom Nom – Thai Base Restaurant

The Maxis Om Nom Nom – Thai Base Restaurant

We’re currently at a Thailand….oppps…I mean Thai seafood restaurant call Thai Base Restaurant.

How come there’re more Malaysians than the Thais? Are we at the wrong place AGAIN????NONO~!!!

All the Om Nom Nom participants are busying having vacation at Thailand now…hahaha….


Thai Ikan Bakar

Fried Butter Prawn

In my opinion, the Thai food is ok ok for me only. But the dessert is awesome…hehe…I just knew that Thais serve nice dessert. =) Anyway, thanks for the food…=)

The location would be:

No. 7-1 (1st Floor), Jln. Tanjung SD 13/2, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Selangor.

Feel free to call 03-62752284 for more information ya.

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race – Satay Kajang Haji Samuri.

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race – Satay Kajang Haji Samuri.

F4F is now on their third pit stop. *fireworks*

Our meal is now at a restaurant Sate Kajang Haji Samuri in their Uptown Damansara branch. There are more seats upstairs in this shoplot. *Who say we need to go kajang for satay???*

What is special here is besides the usual sate ayam and daging, they serve rusa(deer) and kambing(lamb).

The satay grilled to perfection. Not burned. The meat is marinated in their secret recipe.

3 o'clock - rusa, 6 o'clock- ayam, 9 o'clock-daging, 12 o'clock-kambing

The peanut sauce is the bomb. We can’t stop dipping it with the nasi himpit and cucumber. If you are a fan of spicy you can add the sambal into the kuah for more oomph...

We love the food here.

Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri Mktg Sdn. Berhad,
No. 79 &79M, Jln. SS21/31,
Damasara Utama, P. Jaya, Selangor.
Tel :

Three down, two more to go. =)

The Maxis Om Nom Nom – Tarbush Restaurant

The Maxis Om Nom Nom – Tarbush Restaurant

Guess where am us now? We are now in Sunway Piramid…Ice-skating??? For sure, it’s not. We come here for food. Then what nice food would lead us far to this Egyptian building.

We are now in Tarbush Restaurant. We have been to Sunway Piramid for so many times, but this is the first time we are here in this authentic Middle-East Restaurant. Why? The restaurant is a hidden gem in Sunway Piramid. Inside this restaurant you will feel like a character in the story 1001 Arabian nights.

The menu of the restaurant. Too much choices for us to pick.

The awesome environment for dining.

It is so beautiful and we don’t feel like leaving this restaurant after our succulent lamb chop. Our lamb chop (RM 30.00)-the meat is cooked perfectly. Tender and juicy. It doesn’t smell too strong. It is served with chilies and olives condiments to give that extra spicy and sourish taste. We wiped our lamb chop clean.

Our drinks have the most interesting names. Lemon nana….. is is mint blend with lemon. Very refreshing! It's the one in green and it costs RM 11.00.

This is the most amazing desert. The texture is like tau foo fah but it tasted very milky. The toppings are pistachios nuts. It’s RM 10.00

With the food like these, the price is worth for them.

We rate 4/5 and definitely will come again.

LG2-123. Sunway pyramid, Lower ground, behind Marakesh.

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race - Kafe Strawberry Fields

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race - Kafe Strawberry Fields

Our first stop is at the Strawberry Fields Restaurant. We ran all the way from HSBC to this restaurant. It is not hard to locate it if you are familiar with PJ Newton.

The restaurant gives a cozy feeling. Apt choice for a bunch of friends to hang out. The strawberry walls are Elvis and musical instrument themed. They even hang pineapples tanglungs on the ceiling to welcome the coming CNY celebration. We took our seats on the rattan chairs.

The food served here is basically fusion styled “mamak”. A wide array Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western selection from the menu.

We were served ice lemon tea to quench our thirst. Thanks, after all that run we need that glass! haha

The first meal came shortly after 10 minutes, Thai pineapple fried rice served in a pineapple boat. It’s slightly spicy but it suits our Malaysian taste buds.

Pandan chicken rice with green curry. The chicken is wrapped with pandan leaves and deep fried. It gives a hint of that lovely pandan aroma when you chew on the dish.

Our desert the sago gula Melaka.

Our favourite. It strikes just the right balance of sweetness and milky.
Lot14 Ground Floor, Jalan Tengah 46200 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7960 1268

26, Ground Floor, Jalan USJ 10/1B, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-56359252

Like The Beatles would sing, strawberry fields forever.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thought of Mind

Monday is usually a start of a week with full of BLUE. Is that a thought that we tend to practice every week or is it really blue? Haha...I dunno. But sometimes, I can't help myself to feel the colour of the sky.

Facing the uncompleted job, I always feel that I have a big stone on my shoulders. Can't wait for the time that I can really settle everything. However, I understand that there wouldn't be any undone job in life. Once I finish this, a new one will be coming to me again. The thing is I have to make a good balance of life. Keep the smile curve on my face and make everyday a different day. Lead a healthy lifestyle and of course cope with the stress well. Try not to put all those downside expressions on the face and release them using a good way.

What I can say is "It's still a long journey but I am on my way."

Yesterday, I was planning to take a nap when I can't focus my concentration on what I was doing anyymore. The SHIT thing is I can't even close my eyes in this cloudy and windy evening. *Fxcking wasted*

Guess what, I just walked down & put on my shoes. That's it. I just started walking...walking...and the steps began to be faster...

Meet an ARMY guy, Jansen half way, he asked me "How long is the distance you are going to jog today?"

I answered "Dunno. Just jog. =)"


I completed a 6.3km in a rain when I reached home.

I was tired with my legs asking me not to move anymore...but I feel the SATISFACTION~!!! Much much better than lying on the mattress with my eyes opened widely.
After that, I kept on doing my stuff and it turned out to be not-that-hard. =D

While we are complaining, try to look at the people around you. Maybe you would find some reasons to stop complaining. I have a friend that just started working. Life is never a bed of roses when you have to compete with each other. Some people just would like to step on you to make themselves higher than the others. Back-stabbing happens everywhere in the working environment and you have to beware of those who are always too good in front of you. You will never know what they do behind you. That's not all for her. It's even heart-broken to see her work 7 days a week and 8.00am till 11.00pm everyday without any OT. Every employee is protected by labour law right? But how is a fresh graduate going hire a lawyer to file the case? Sometimes, law is can't help the poor.

She always thinks that "Don't be the enemy of the money", just swallow everything and it would be fine.

Hope tomorrow you would be free for dinner...A perfect sharing promotion form Kenny Roger Roaster~!!!

Time to don RED all over again this 12 January 2011 as the annual ROASTERS Eating Day (RED) is back! Wear RED – the colour of life, to celebrate good health and vitality through good eating and healthy living with Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR).

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Forward this message to as many friends as possible to show that you care for them.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The 50 Most Popular Women on the Web (According to Google)

I saw my friends posted this in the Facebook. I just want to share it out.

I am a fan of Google Search Engine. Therefore, to find out who are the 50 most Popular Women on the Website (According to Google) is rather simple.

1) Just go to

2) Then type "50 most popular women on the web" & click SEARCH.

3) Click on the 1st link that appears on the website which would be this (Only click this if you can't get it).

4) Then there will be the top 50 most Popular Women on Website counting down from 50 to 1. Have a look no matter you are interested or not...BECAUSE...


There is something more INTERESTING after this...

Search for the person with the ranking of number 7...
Try it~!!!
Don't stop...
Found it?
Until this part, don't drag down until you have found it yet...
Yeah...that' HER~!!! erm...Him???

Oh...Baby Baby Baby Oh...

Justin Bieber is coming to KL, Malaysia on the 21st of April 2011 for a live concert. Thanks to Tune Talk. For Justin Bieber's fans, don't miss this opportunity ya. For his foes, don't miss it too!!! *Just kidding* Everybody love Justin Bieber. =.=

He has a short message for us...

So glad to have one of the 50 most popular women on web to be here in Malaysia~!!! =.=