Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great Deals from Groupsmore

GroupsMore is a website that provide up to 90% discounts on
exciting things to do every week. This includes food, clothes, entertainment and etc. This is how it works. When a deal is bought in a bundle, it would be much more cheaper.

It's not a prank or syndicate. Don't worry. At first, I was hesitating before I tried it. But it doesn't cost much. So I gave it a try. I find it nice, cheap and worth. So I decide to keep it on.

This is the deal that I tried before...

Gelare's Best Seller Banana Chocolate Waffle at e@Curve

This dessert is recommended for 2 persons. Guess how much I get for it? Your eyes may open widely when you know about the price.

It's juz joke!!!

I get this for 56% off from the original price.

So interested? Want to know more?

This would be the second deal that I tried yesterday evening.

RM2.00 for a set of burger and fries + complimentary 1 year membership?

I am sure you are looking at it with disbelieve.

It's simple to get the deal.

When you are interested in a deal, just click on BUY. Then pay with either credit card or through bank online service like Cimbclicks and Maybank2u.

Once the deal is end, GroupsMore will send you a notification email telling you that the coupon is ready. Just print it out.

Printed coupon.

Go to the shop and claim for it.

With RM2.00, this is what I get...a set of lamp burger with fries and complimentary Darabif membership card... Cheaper than Ramli burger??? WALAU EH!!!

Plan for a perfect dining with your loved one but don't wish to spend much?
It's end of the month but u want to get your friends special birthday surprise?
GroupsMore answers your call...

Don't get my blog wrong ya!!! It's not all about food. There're lots more of promotion.

Wanna know more, pls log on to GroupsMore.


kak ina kl (1) said...

oh macam murah ajer...nanti nak checklah

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Kak Ina, yaya. Boleh cuba tengok website. Worth la promotion itu. =)