Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race - Dancing Fish

This is the last station for our race and I feel like all those good things are going to come to an end. We found that the chance for us to get the smart phones is very least. Somehow, we are satisfied. We learnt many new routes and tasted new food besides facing and solving riddles and challenges along the race. I would recommend all the nice food to all my friends. Furthermore, we also found out that there're a lot of aspects that we need to take care of to secure a victory. We are absolutely lacked of urge and eagerness. We shouldn't ever give up in the race no matter how. Once you start it, you will have to end it.

Oh...the dishes at our last station...*almost forget about it*

The Dancing Fish is allocated at Bangsar Shopping Mall. It just started operating since 3 months ago. Quite a new restaurant & we are proud to be here.

The decoration is superb with the quite atmosphere and nice sentimental song lingering around you. You will have a better appetite to dine in here.

The bar lounge in the restaurant.

Looking at the restaurant name, we know that the signature dish served in the restaurant would be fish.

The fish is real fresh, cooked with awesome sauce. It tastes sweet. This dishes is highly recommended. It cost Rm 58.90 but a nice fish for that price is worth than anything else.

This would be the star fruit salad with sea bass. *It's cooked with charcoal* This is the 1st time I see star fruit is cooked as the main dish.

The sweet fish and the sour star fruit salad really make a good combination for a diner.

This would be the dessert. The durian ice-cream is always my favourite. I would say that’s awesome. Looking at the photos, I bet you all would be drooling there.

If you all are interested in the shop, you can always come to
Dancing Fish,
Lot T120, T121, 122,
285, Jalan Maroof, 3rd Floor,Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 K.L. Malaysia.

At last, Food for friends~!!!

We might not be finish the race in how we wish to. Somehow, All of us have done a good job. Kudos to our first Amazing Race-liked food hunting. Thank you so much to make it. This race would reserve a memorable one for me.

*It's kinda late for this post. But better late than never.*

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