Saturday, January 8, 2011

Press Screening of Movie "Faster"


Yes, finally I am faster enough than the others to catch the movie "Faster" in the cinema. Thanks to Nuffnang, I have the chance to chance this movie much more earlier with the other G+ members. This is actually the first time for me to attend a Press Screening. It's cool! Btw, thanks to GSC for the popcorn and drinks.

The movie "Faster" starring The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Bob Thornton and Oliver Jackson alongside Carla Gugino, Maggie Grace and Moon Bloodgood.

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is back (out from jail) but he isn't happy. Any eye for an eye. He is going to revenge for the death of his brother.

There're three characters that are going after for the same goal but with different purpose. So who will be faster?

The Driver? The Killer? Or The Police? *the photos below are not in order, have a guess!!!*

The movie is nice with unexpected story line. Dwayne Johnson is really acting like The Rock in the movie.

Find it out at the cinema nation wide on the 13th of January. See whether you are faster enough for the movie.

The ending might be a surprise for everyone.

For me, it would be rated as 3/5.

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