Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kungfu Freeze @ Berjaya Time Square

For the Kung Fu Movie fans out there, I guess you all are aware of the movie "The Legend of the Fist : The return of Chen Zhen" starring Donnie Yen right. Yes~!!! It's in the big screen starting 23rd of September.
Few days before the screening, a Kung Fu Freeze is organized at the main entrance of Berjaya Time Square. Part of it, MyFM DJ and some martial art societies were there to perform and some of them were joining for the contest "Search For Chen Zhen". Participants were required to perform some martial arts or act like Chen Zhen on the stage.


Wushu Club

Stage for the contest "Search For Chen Zhen"

Back to Freeze, we were told that 500 people registered for the FREEZE. On that day, we received sms from the organizer to gather at different places in Berjaya Time Square shopping mall at a certain time. Then everyone of us received our mask and a coupon. Then we were asked to walk around so that it didn't look awkward.
When the clock struck 3.30pm, 500 of us were required to go the main entrance of Berjaya Time Square to FREEZE in Kung FU action style for 4 minutes.

Couldn't find me in the video...

After that, we were asked to proceed to the we just followed the instruction...

Everyone was queuing up for??? Only then I understood what's the coupon for...

Thanks to GSC that everyone that participate in the FREEZE is entitled to a pair of "Legend of The Fist" movie tickets.

I think it's a nice show. Anyone watch it already???

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Efforts paid...

Do you still remember the video below???

Get it? Have some idea right but not really clear?

Click Save the water save the world to clear all those doubt. I blog about it before. It's about one of my friends that join the YTL Climate Challenge Week Eco Tips Video Making Competition.

Finally, my friend was invited for the prize giving ceremony as his video is shortlisted. Unfortunately, he can't make it for that as he would be at Shanghai with his dad on that day. Therefore, TzeIng and I were asked to represent him.

The prize giving detals is
Date : 23th September 2010.
Time : 3.00pm to 4.30pm
Venue : Teeq, Level 8 Forest in the city, Lot 10.

Sorry to say that I was 1st time to be at the venue. So when we reach Lot 10 lift, we click the 8th floor button

Wow...Way to paradise izit??? *Sorry for being katak di bawah tempurung ya. 1st time ma.*

But really, that floor is on the top of that building and it's in open-air. It's juz like a park or garden on the top of the building. Only I understand why it's a "Forest in the city".

So how about Teeq??? It's a restaurant. I would say it's grand and class *sorry for being Katak again* hahaha....

For the photo, it's credit to Google. Do not have the time to snap photo in that restaurant. We were late. We reached there at 3.30pm. =.= Consolation for us is we are not the last one...=)

The events is organized by YTL corporation and it's sponsored by HTC.

An opening speech by YTL P.R. officer. It's kinda a pretty officer...

Orang-orang besar from YTL and HTC. They are going to announce the winner and give away the prices.

So here goes the 2nd price. The 2nd winner for the YTL Climate Challenge Week Eco Tips Video Making Competition falls to ERIC LAI WEI LEK~!!!
On behalf of Eric, the main actor for the video,Lau Tze Ing received the prize from them.

Later on, this famous guy was interviewed by The Star, Bernama and't miss the interview ya...if you are lucky, you might see a fat guy beside...=)

So now, the question would be "What's the prize?"

Since the event is sponsored by HTC,

HTC Desire worth RM1700+ is one of the 2nd prize...

Besides...2nd prize includes 2 nights stay at TanJong Jara Resort for 2...

Tanjong Jara Resort is one of the YTL Hotel...

I have no idea where is Tanjong Jara Resort. So I use google search mechanism again. It's allocated at Kuala Terengganu and another one at Kuantan.

All these photos would be credit to Google.

Beach nearby Tanjong Jara Resort in K. Terengganu...

Wow~!!! A prize that worth more that RM2000.00. Again Congratulation that all your effort counts. He might not be the people's choice as he didn't get the most votes in FB, but his creativity is recognized. Congratulation again.

When the M.C. announced Eric's name, she introduced Eric as a person who like video making that would mostly end up being a future engineer. For me, I would say that studying Engineering would not have to end up in an engineering field. Just live your dream. You have talent in it. Keep it on dude~!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival~!!!

Don't be surprise that if you notice the moon tonight is extra-ordinary round and bright~!!! It's just a simple wish made from me to the god. Glad that god listen to my wish. It's for everyone especially for those who are studying or working and being far apart from family and friends. Everyone is looking at the same moon

खुश मध्याह्न Autumn महोत्सव~!!!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival~!!!
Happy Mooncake Festival~!!!
Happy Tanglung Festival~!!!
Happy Luckystrike Day~!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

40 years of history...

Pasar Besar Kangar Perlis

This was here ever since before I was born. I was first here at this place when I was in standard 1. My dad brought me here. Yeah, my dad went to wet market more than my mum do. Usually it's me that accompany my dad. Until I was able to go there alone. I took over my dad's duty. In the wet market, there're the place I learn how to pick vege and of course how to bargain price. That's the place where father of a friend of mine that work before. Sure many memories there.

There're a lot of coffee shops nearby that wet market. Every morning, that's the place where most of the people gather around. After marketing, aunties and uncles gather around the coffee shop and gossip (exchange information according to my friend-JOO HOONG). There're two coffee shops that used to be people's choice which are "Huang Guang" and "Huang Hoe". Most of the people in Perlis especially Chinese like to hang out there in the morning. I would say that the place would be strategic and convenient for people from all folks of stages. That's the place where youngs and the olds one meet, place for family and of course to buy somethings. I never miss my chance to have my breakfast there whenever I am in my hometown.

Of they said "That's the hub for information exchange"...

Yesterday, I saw the news about the wet market is going to be allocated to another place and it will be demolished. While people is trying to preserve the heritage, the leaders here try to demolish it. Click here to know more. *Sorry that the news is in Mandarin. Can't get English version one.

This is the new one.

That's all for the 40 years of history...Sometimes, I do hope that my hometown would be remained...coz that's the place I was brought up...but i know that I shouldn't be so selfish...development is for better future...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

When we are in doubt...

Would like to express something, but I found that FB is not really an ideal mean. I don't want the next moment I update a status, I receive a phone call or sms asking about the status. And maybe another reason would be "My parents might be monitoring my FB".
I knew about it recently when Mum asked me "Kean ar, do you look at Chean's FB ar?" (Chean is my bro)
"No ar. Why?"
"He went a lot of places la. Keep on joining friends go outing. There's one photo, he's at the Sunway Hotel."
"eeeeee....then you look at my FB?"
"Sure la. You are asking ppl to go movie wif you ma. Got tickets again ar?"

Actually there's nothing I would like to keep secret in my FB, but sometimes, parents did care us so much that they just don't want us to do sth beyond the boundaries. Moreover, generation gap would be one of the contribution. The things that they didn't try before, they wish that we would not try too. Somehow, I know that they did care us much.

Did anyone of you come to a situation where everyone around you don't agree with what you are thinking and keep on advising and stopping you from doing the things that you wish to???

YES~!!! I did. And I understand how it feels. It happened exactly 10 years ago when I was in standard 6. I mentioned about this before. So I would keep it short. I made a decision that against everyone's wish around me including my parents. I chose S.M.K.P. (a normal school) instead of K.Y.S. (residential school) for my high school. That time, I had a doubt. Since young, parents kept on teaching us to be independent and everything have to do by ourselves including making a decision. When I was 4+, my parents brought me to the hawker stall, they told me that if i wanted to eat anything, decided on my own and ordered it by myself. Yes! I did take it as a lesson but why now stopped me from doing so now?

However, as time flies, I got it. My parents just want all the best to happen on us. They want us to be in good condition always. They are just too love and care about us. So by the age of 14, I told myself that I have no reason to blame them. The thing that I can do is I had to do my very best and proved to them that I had my own choice wisely.

As time passed, the way I communicate with my parents is indeed different. We discuss to make things right. We discuss to make the the best decision. Mutual communication makes things easier.

I have a different opinions and ideas in some cases. So some of my friends would say that I am an alien or weirdo. But I find that nothing wrong to think different with the others as long it's good for ourselves. So I still keep on being myself.

For those who have the same kind with me, don't are not alone...keep it on with your your dream...really walk the talk and do it for your own...don't doubt about's not wrong to think differently...100% support from Luckystrike...

We don't walk the path, it's because we walk only there's a path.

Sometimes, I wish I would be young again...just like me 10 years ago that just do the best decision for myself...Everything is possible that time...I miss the courage much~!!!

Any idea?

I was on my way to Midvalley on one rainy day. As usual, the ring road in Midvalley is always bumper to bumper. At such situation, people's temper would most in high degree.

This car was at the lane beside mine. But all of the sudden...

It's in front of me. Wow~!!! Magic...would like to take down the lucky number of the car plate...but....i looked clearer...

Will Magnum,Toto & 4+1D accept 5 alphabets??? SF ZIP??? It did draw my attention...The KEPO-ness in me aroused i visited Mr. Google...

Oooo....It's San Francisco ZIP code...But i thought I am in Malaysia? Or izit the person buy other nation's car plate?

Like a Chinese Phrase goes "Spoil the pot and ask till the end", if anyone of you know it, please enlighten me. Thank you very muchie~!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Belated Selamat Hari Raya

It's kinda late for this, but still Selamat Hari Raya. That indicates the end of pasar ramadhan for this year.

Some cultures have to be preserved despite all the upgrading of living standard. It shouldn't be forgotten and should be passed along to the next generation. Came across this Raya decoration in Aeon Jusco and it did attracted my attention.

Traditional Malay house that runs family business. My parents told me that in their generation, sundry shops in their Kampung looked like this. Unfortunately, I can't see it for true already. It disappear with the time.

The bicycle that my Ah Gong used to ride it to work. He was a healthy person that would work until the age of 70+ as a taxi driver. He didn't suffer from any disease before he left us for good but somehow he couldn't fight through the silence killer, heart attack. Miss the time when he just came back from working with few packets of crab meat char koay tiaw and when he almost reached the house, he would ring the bell beside the bicycle handle until we could hear it. It would remain as memory. Even the taste of the crab meat char koay tiaw is different now.

This vehicles still can seen in Penang and Malacca easily. They are commonly used as public transport/tourism means in these 2 states.

Recently, the slogan 1 Malaysia is commonly used in everything I could say. Sometimes, to make it sound unite and great. People will tend to add a "1" in front of something. It's something like:

Credits to CartoonKini by Zunar....

Still belated Selamat Hari Raya...Maaf Zahir Batin kepada 1 Malaysia~!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sea Food in Bukit Tambun, Penang

Sorry for that long M.I.A....I was away to Penang during the Raya up my brothers and parents (travel from Perlis). It's nice to spend my holiday with my beloved family. On the eve of Syawal 1, we went to a seafood restaurant in Bukit Tambun (mostly known as Tambun). Bukit Tambun is located near to the sea. So that's why it's famous with the seafood. There're several seafood restaurant but Bro introduced this particular restaurant. He tried before and there we go~!!!

Restaurant Fish Village...There's the result of photo taken by a low quality handphone camera...

Departed from Bukit Mertajam (B.M.) town around 7.15pm. That time most of the Muslims were preparing to break fast. So we had a smooth journey to the destination. It took approximately 30 minutes. By that time, it's already a lot of people there. So we thought that we have to take a long time to wait.

Out of expectation, the food was ready to be served after 15 minutes.

Sweet potato leaves (fan shu ye) - RM6.00

Kangkung Belacan (ma lai feng guang) - RM6.00

A bigger type of lala - RM 10.00

Crabs (2 meat crabs + 2 egg crabs) fried with Kam Heong - RM54.00

Some may find it difficult to eat...

But with this, there isn't any problem...

The fish with tomyam-like gravy - Rm20.00

The gravy is sour with enough of spice. It totally appetizing. Tasted the gravy while it's hot make it even nicer.

Overall, the dishes is nice. The taste is great and delicious. It's worth for 2nd and more and more visit. Somemore, the food is cheap. The Ringgit is worth for it...

For 5 persons, 7 plates of rice + 5 dishes + a jug of Herbal Tea + 2 plates of nuts = RM 109.60

Overall rating would be 8.5/10...

For those who wanna try on it, the location would be :

No. 1, Jalan Besar, Bukit Tambun, 14110 SImpng Ampat, Seberang Prai Selatan

Tel : 04-5872148

Enjoy your meal~!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5th Anniversary Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010

Reading is a good habit that we should have. It is the key of knowledge and it really enriches us much. However, since young I doesn't have much interest in reading. I am ought to read just to cope with my exam and test. During my high school life, I was forced to read novel by SOMEONE. YES!!! The word "forced" was used correctly. That time I didn't like it much. But being "kind" to me, she asked me to read page by page. Then the next day she wanted me to briefly tell her about the story. Sometimes I even need to need from chapter to chapter. (A novel has a few chapters). At last, she gave up. I felt like god-forsaken.

However, several years, I adopted reading as one of my habits naturally. At that point, I was fortunate because I used to be "forced" of reading before. And now, I could take up the books by myself and browse them and even read them from cover to cover. Thanks for the force I could say...

Knowing that the 5th Anniversary Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010 is happening at KLCC from 4th till 12th of September, I take this opportunity to have a look.

This bookfest has been started since 2006 and in every year, there's different theme....

2006 : Read to Learn

2007 : Joy in Reading

2008 : Reading Empowers

2009 : Reading is Inspiring

2010 : Reading Embraces the World.

So here I am at the 5th Anniversary Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010.

Get myself a ticket for RM2.00. It's nothing worth than this.

The main entrance.

A lot of people is in the book fest too...

There's a lot choices of books in there. Just dunno where I should start. At last I spent 6 hours there. I got 4 books without paying more than RM100.00. It's totally cheap. I was satisfied too coz I read 2 books in the fest and I didn't buy for the 2 books. *kiamsiap*

Besides, there's some talk from invited guest to share about their books and talk about a lot of things like health, lifestyle and etc.

For those who haven't been there, don't miss the chance~!!!