Thursday, July 29, 2010

Save the water, save the earth~!!!

Look at the title and YES! That's the lesson of the day. Since young, we are taught and educated to save water. But how much do we really understand about it? I think I don't have to remind you all how important water is in our daily life. We are so lucky and fortunate to be born in this country that full of sources and WATER is one of it.

Source would not be eternity!!!

We are lucky that we don't have to queue up just to take pails of water.
We are lucky that we don't have to experience drought.
We are lucky that we can take hours to take a bath.
We are lucky that we can wash cars for several times in a week.
We are lucky that we have water to ease our thirst.
We are lucky that we don't have to pay much for the water bills.
We are lucky that our water is clean.

Due to so much of luck, we take that for granted. We do not think twice when we use it. We do not maximize the usage. This is really disappointed and it's a against the education system.

In conjunction with YTL Climate Change Week, YTL has organized a variety of events to increase public awareness regarding climate change. Mother nature is a gift that should be protected and man's ignorance is a silence killer for it.

It's a happening event and one of my friends would like be part of it. He has taken part in Climate Change Week Eco Tips - Video and Contest and this is his effort.

So how's it? Get useful info from his creativity? For me, YES! Of course.
For your information, from the director to the actor, none of them is from the creativity or multimedia field. Not to say about their experiences. Everyone of them are from engineering field. Who says Science stream students can't think out of the box???

I hope that you all would give some support to my friends as he deserves more that just a "like". What I hope is you could go to this website Climate Change Week Eco Tips - Video and Contest and pick the video with the title "Save the water, save the world" directed by ERIC LAI. Then the last and important part, click "like" button for that video. Your "like" means everything and it might change the world.

Thank you!!!


vivienne said...

hahahha... the video, creative enough. * i like tzeing's toilet part * funnt... will support you guys =)

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

haha...yea...thanks ya...