Friday, July 23, 2010

Tekken is in the Cinemas!!

"Tekken is a game la..."
"No...It's a movie..."
"No la...It's a game la...Oh Gosh u..."

STOP ARGUING~!!! Tekken used to be a Video or Computer Game...But now TEKKEN IS IN CINEMA~!!!
Then it means that REAL PEOPLE is going to get REAL FIGHT???or maybe REAL BLOOD???

Yeah~!!!REAL ACTION!!!

Courtesy of GSC Movies, 50 pairs Nuffnangers will have the chance to watch Tekken a day before its official release date.
To win a pair of invites to catch Tekken on the big screen,what we have to do is just:

  1. Write a blog post with the title “Tekken is in the Cinemas!!”
  2. Share with the others which Tekken character we like the most.
  3. Comment on this blog post with the permalink of our written blog post.

My favourite character in Tekken would be the one & only him...*deng deng deng*

Marshall Law~!!!

He is also known as "The Fighting Chef". His fighting style is credited as "Martial Arts". Due to a translation error that was never corrected, it was pronounced as "Marshall Arts", which is pronounced the same way.

Don't you feel that he is the shadow of one of the Kung Fu legend???

Look properly...

Bruce Lee...

Don't you feel that both of them have the similarities??

Yeah...Marshall Law's fighting style is Jeet Kune Do, a "style" created by Bruce Lee, the martial artist whom Marshall Law is based on. Both are great fighters. Go and kick some asses...

Marshall Law is on fire...

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