Thursday, July 29, 2010

Latest issue about Nuffnang

Recently because some misunderstanding, Nuffnang was labelled as Racist. I came across many bloggers that voiced out their opinions, now it's my turn.
Let me state what's my stands 1st. I would say "Har!!! that's ridiculous!!" Nuffnang would be the ambassador for 1Malaysia program if there's any. (Ok. Let me make it clear ya. Nuffnang DOESN'T pay me for this.)

Let me briefly explain what's going on and how it started.
Nuffnang organized a lots a lots of events until recently regarding the events for Sony TX 5, the 3 winners for that contest were from the same races in coincidence. Then some of the disappointed bloggers voiced up that they would give up Nuffnang and labelled it as racist.

In my point of view, a contest that being judged based of creativity is a norm of the competition. Racial issue shouldn't be brought up. It's none of racial problem OK?In a contest, there would be winners and losers. However, fair play makes it interesting. For your information, Nuffnang is a platform or medium for the advertiser and bloggers like me. So basically, advertiser would be the clients of Nuffnang. In some events, the clients decide on the winners with the advice of Nuffnang. So it's unfair to put the blame on Nuffnang. Ok. this might be out of control for Nuffnang.

Let's talk about events organized by Nuffnang. Premiere Screening. Yeah!!!I would never give up any chances to get the tickets. But does Nuffnang only gives chances to certain race? It's obvious that bloggers can blog or leave comment in any languages. Aren't that fair enough? I guess I am lucky enough to get most of it, but the points is I always meet with other races bloggers like JMR, Hana, Mohd Zaid and etc...Even some of my friends who are Chinese keep complaining to me why he can't get it. What I could say is "Try harder next time and you would get rewarded one day." It's judged based on creativity not colour of skin ok!!!

Next, other events like Samsung Corby, Nuffnang Sharing Session, and others. I could see multiraces people there. Then what's meant by RACIST? While pointing 1 fingers to the others, do you realize that other 4 fingers are pointing at you. Stop putting blame on others and bring racial issue out blindly. Be rational. Ok. There's really one Nuffnang event that is without any single Malay. It's the Nuffnang Tiger Run organized at Jaya during the Chinese New Year period. But...but...besides Chinese, there're a lot of Indians there. For those bloggers that know about this event, I think you would know why there's no Malays right? Yeah!!!The events is sponsored by a liquor company- TIGER. Consuming liquor is totally prohibited for Muslim in Malaysia. And we can't expect a liquor company sponsoring an event and soft drinks are served throughout the event right? They need to advertise their products also right? So think rationally before you jump to an conclusion.

It's no wrong that you voice out your opinion. This nation adopt democratic system. So don't worry. But every single word you said would show your personality and characteristic. Blogging plays an important role in social media. Use it wisely don't abuse it.

Nuffnang, you are totally on the right path. A lots of blogger would be on your side. keep it on ya...*support*

That's my sharing. You can have a look on others opinion about this.


julian said...

those ppl are just sore loser and extremist. sikit sikit want to play the race card. bak kata pepatah melayu bagai katak dibawah tempurung. even Man U jersey also want make a fuss, but its been sold here for so many years why dowan make noise?

Matjoe said...

u r right.

Little Mama said...

got my opinion also ;)

kak ina kl said...

setuju 100%..melayu cina..kita kawan kan..

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

yeah frenz...v r all frenz...thanks for commenting...

Mohdzaid said...

betul tu bro..kita satu Malaysia.. Cina,India,Melayu semua bersatu..