Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kungfu Freeze @ Berjaya Time Square

For the Kung Fu Movie fans out there, I guess you all are aware of the movie "The Legend of the Fist : The return of Chen Zhen" starring Donnie Yen right. Yes~!!! It's in the big screen starting 23rd of September.
Few days before the screening, a Kung Fu Freeze is organized at the main entrance of Berjaya Time Square. Part of it, MyFM DJ and some martial art societies were there to perform and some of them were joining for the contest "Search For Chen Zhen". Participants were required to perform some martial arts or act like Chen Zhen on the stage.


Wushu Club

Stage for the contest "Search For Chen Zhen"

Back to Freeze, we were told that 500 people registered for the FREEZE. On that day, we received sms from the organizer to gather at different places in Berjaya Time Square shopping mall at a certain time. Then everyone of us received our mask and a coupon. Then we were asked to walk around so that it didn't look awkward.
When the clock struck 3.30pm, 500 of us were required to go the main entrance of Berjaya Time Square to FREEZE in Kung FU action style for 4 minutes.

Couldn't find me in the video...

After that, we were asked to proceed to the we just followed the instruction...

Everyone was queuing up for??? Only then I understood what's the coupon for...

Thanks to GSC that everyone that participate in the FREEZE is entitled to a pair of "Legend of The Fist" movie tickets.

I think it's a nice show. Anyone watch it already???

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