Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Again?


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This title really gives a great reminder of an incident that I can't forget. I wish to think of other idea instead. Somehow, the incident just keep on lingering in my mind and I finally tell myself "Just write it and share it."

At the age of 7, I was very excited as I stepped into my primary school. This is the first time, I really get into a group that are the same age with me and I was thinking that there will many friends that I could get along with.

My primary school...

Everything was fine and smooth until an incident that I was not sure whether it happen or not (even until now I am not sure about it).
During primary school, we had Pendidikan Jasmani (Physical Education) class in the school. The classes were usually in the morning. After the class, everyone had to clean themselves and change into uniforms.


I was seen to walk into the class while the girls were changing inside. Coincident, that time only a girl was changing. For the sack of the girl, I would name her as "June" instead of her real name.

I swear that until now I am not sure whether it's real as I do not remember that I have done such thing before. Somehow, when more and more people keep talking about it, rumour turns into fact. That time, I was "in a relationship" with June as I had to be "responsible" to what I HAD DONE. The funny thing is I was just 7 that time.

Finally, everyone was stepping into high school...

Since most of my high school mates were all my primary school mates, for sure they will keep on "reminding" me that I was "in a relationship". June and I were not in the same class during high school. But sometimes, we would meet in the school compound. That's the time my face was always red.

Finally, my high school life came to an end. Everyone continued with their respective journey. For me, I furthered my study to a university in Malacca. From Perlis, it takes around 9-10 hours to reach Malacca if I travel by bus. Not many of my friends studied at the same university as mine. Even June was not in the same university with me. So I guessed my "relationship" thing would be a FULL STOP. I was kind of relieved.

During my foundation year in my university (I was 18th at that time), I met someone familiar at the sundry shop nearby my hostel. NO DOUBT! IT's HER! It's June. I was really shocked that time and when she saw me, she smiled. Again, I was blushed. Is that fate? Or some tricks from the God?

After I asked my friends around, only I realized that the sundry shop was owned by her uncle and she was there to help.

After so long, I would like to apologize for the trouble that caused.

After 11 years, I have a question...


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