Friday, October 8, 2010

2nd October 2010

Thanks to NUFFNANG, I was invited for an event organized by Digi. I wasn't clear about that event when I received the call from XinXian. It's something about Go Green. I was free that time so I just said a "YES" to her.

After awhile I received an email about the event.

It's about a Go Green event with the Theme Minus "Do more by doing less"....There're will be also Pecha Kucha Sharing about Going Green by 3 speakers....

Luckily I was given a map. If not, I would get lost in somewhere I don't even recognized.

First speaker : Mr. Nithuyananthan Nesadurai, President of the Environmental Protection Society Malaysia (EPSM)

Second speaker : Ms. Yasmin Rasyid, Founder and president of EcoKnights

Third speaker : Mr. Patrick Er, Digi employee that deliver a green building within 2 years.

Digi high rank officer.

They had a small conference about Go Green sharing. They discussed from their respective role.

The sharing is means a lot and it does enlighten me a lot about Go Green.

Thanks for the tea break. The food is nice.

The place where we had our tea break. There's a waterfall at the end.

The cafeteria that prepared our food.

A man-made small pond in office. Don't step beyond the yellow line. The water is highly acidic. =.=

Later on, we were brought for a tour in the office. We were introduced about how the company apply the Go Green concept in the company. We were divided into four groups. Then there will be quizzes. Which group get the most correct answers at the fastest time will be the winner.

I was elected as the leader, that's why I was in charged of carrying the laptop.

There's a park at the hill behind of the office. That's the place where the Digi employees relax themselves and exercise.

As a result, our group won the contest.

Organic Group.

Inside the bunting bag, these are 3 bottles of body shop product an a box.

Inside the box, there are a pen, small notes, disposable 4G pendrive and a solar charger.

In Digi office (a.k.a. D' House), they really apply Go Green concept in their office.

- Only the cars that provide carpool can be parked in the parking lot in the office. Over 500 employees carpool to work.

-Only 18 printers are placed in the whole office and they are usually placed in an inconvenient place. Employees that want to print need to key in 12 digits password. It's so inconvenient that the employer would rather not print it out. It saves up to 30% of paper usage.

-Recycle bins are placed in every corner in the office instead of dustbins.

-T-bulbs are use in the office as they save energy.

-70% of electricity will be shut down during the lunch break.

-The air-conditioner temperature is always in moderate and the employees are encouraged to be clad in normal T and jean.

- No polystyrene can be used in the whole office.

I like the working environment in D' House. It applies America Google company concept.

Before we left the office, all of us were given a plant each as a token of Going Green...

**Reminder : This is not an advertorial for Digi.


haslina said...

wow kenny...really nice what u have experienced there...
keep it up..

hope to see u again in other future event by nuffnang...

Anna Boleyn said...

wow lucky strike! so lucky lah u ni. :) go greeeeen! :) long tym no see haa. i wish that i can be an active blogger and join a lot of nuffnnag events. but no luck arrr... ;(

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Haslina, Thanks. Yeah. hope to see you too...

Anna Boleyn, haha...thanks. Yeah. it has been a long time since we last met.