Monday, October 18, 2010

Nuffnang Glitterati Plus Open Meeting

For most of the bloggers, I think you all know about Nuffnang. For those who first hear about it, Nuffnang is actually Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community. To know more about it, please click Nuffnang-Our Story. That's about it's history.

Then do you know about Glitterati?
Nuffnang Glitterati is a club exclusive Nuffnang bloggers are automatically eligible for.
This is the crucial part : An “Exclusive Nuffnanger” is a Nuffnang blogger who has NO advertisements from, mentions of, or links to other ad networks originating from SEA, or any ad networks we deem as competitors on his/her blog.
Besides, there're lots of benefit to be a Glitterati. To know more please click Nuffnang Glitterati.

Then what about Nuffnang Glitterati Plus?

I was actually blurred with it? However after attending the Open Meeting, my question marks are all gone. The Open Meeting was held on 16th October 2010 at the Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. READ MY's TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY!!! Taylor's college was already an history. The exact venue would be Lecture Theater 12 (LT12).

The co-founder of Nuffnang, Timothy Tiah was there too.

Ok. Come back to the Nuffnang Glitterati Plus.
It's actually an exclussive club for active Nuffnang bloggers. Other than blogging, fellow bloggers get to plan fun activities, get invited to cool events and expand their social circles.

In other words, It's a CLUB run by the bloggers on their own to carry out activities.

This is the Pro Temp Council for the Nuffnang Glitterati Plus. It's some sort like committees that listen, gather information and carry out the suggestions for the bloggers.

Sha, the President of Pro Temp Council for Nuffnang G+. He is explaining about the Glitterati and Glitterati Plus. He blogs at

So, many will think that Glitterati Plus is much better than Glitterati because of the PLUS there.
The answer is NO. Glitterati is a status that entitled to Nuffnang Bloggers meanwhile Glitterati Plus is a club. So both of them can't be compared as they are apple and orange respectively. Nuffnang Glitterati Plus is preferable for active bloggers and are keen to join the activities organized by Nuffnang.

"Don't join for the sake of joining. If it suits you, only you join. If not, you still can join and take part in events organized by Nuffnang if you are Glitterati just like before. Nothing will change." - Timothy Tiah.

After the meeting, we had a campus tour in Taylor's University.

The tour was led by this four lady from PR in Taylor's University. *Thank You*

The main entrance.

The view from the lecture theater (lakeside)

The commercial building. You see the blue colour paint on the leftside on the 3rd floor? It's an infinity pool.

View behind the lecture theater.

Pond that full of fish.

The view.

It's in the campus. I was like 'wow'.

Guess where would the student spend their time on Wednesday-Pinky Day??? They don't have to drive out. It's just walking distance in their campus.

In short, the campus is awesome. Wow!!! How I wish I could study there!!!


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