Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ittaliannies & Movie "You Again"

Thank God It's Friday~!!! I put all my stuff away and give myself a break...
1st week in my second semester of my final year is no joke a hectic one. Before starting of the new semester, I already needed to make appointment with those lecturers that I wanted them to be my supervisor for my Final year Project. Have been turned down few times, but still kept on looking. Finally got the title I wished for. Besides, to generate some extra income, I 'help' some students from other institution to do some 'homework', therefore, don't be surprise if you see I am still doing some paperwork in Malay.

The good part is everything has come to an least for the 1st week...

Fortunately, Nuffnang has rewarded me at the same time. I has invited for the Nuffnang Exclusive Screening-You Again. So I took this opportunity to hang out with great people in great place-E@Curve..

We had no idea what to eat for dinner until this broke the silence...
"Ei, I never try Italiannies before le..."

I maybe a fan of food, but somehow some food need a huge budget and I would never simple step in those restaurant unless it's a special occasion. I think Italiannies is in the list that I have mentioned. Somehow, it's a rewarding day for me and her. Without hesitation, we made our way to the restaurant.

When you at The Street at The Curve on Friday night, you will prefer to get a seat outside to enjoy the night at the TGIF atmosphere along the street.

Initially, both of us planned to order a set of 2 course meal respectively. It's a promotion deal. We were really lucky that there's a great waitress that served us. Upon taking our order, she suggested to us to order 1 set of 2 course meal and we can shared as the portion is very big. She just hope we can enjoy the food without wasting it. We took her advice.

Dinner for two please...

While waiting for the food, we were enjoying listening to the music as there's an event organized by the POLO VOLKSWAGEN.

The food...

Oh gosh...Luckily the waitress reminded us and gave us a helping advice. We enjoyed the meal and would be able to finish them without torturing our stomach. It's worth for the meal. Feeling satisfied after eating moderately without paying through our nose. It's really a lucky day to start off a weekend to meet the waitress. A simple thing that would cheer us up. *Thank you*

At 9.30pm, we headed to Cathay Cineplex for the movie.

You Again

Some spoiler:
- Basically it's a girls' fight movie.
- It showed how a girl's can remember things that she had been through. (Normally a bad one)
- Guys, beware of girls around u. If you do something bad to them, just get prepared to be paid back ten times of what you had done.

Basically, the movie is hilarious and many parts are funny. And it's quite a meaningful movie showing how a person who still dragged by the past. Some people would have done something they feel regret later on. Somehow, everyone deserve a second chance.

Most of the audiences clapped their hands when the movie ended. So it's up to you to figure it out whether it's worth for the movie ticket price or not.

For me, I would rate it as 3.5/5.

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