Saturday, September 18, 2010

When we are in doubt...

Would like to express something, but I found that FB is not really an ideal mean. I don't want the next moment I update a status, I receive a phone call or sms asking about the status. And maybe another reason would be "My parents might be monitoring my FB".
I knew about it recently when Mum asked me "Kean ar, do you look at Chean's FB ar?" (Chean is my bro)
"No ar. Why?"
"He went a lot of places la. Keep on joining friends go outing. There's one photo, he's at the Sunway Hotel."
"eeeeee....then you look at my FB?"
"Sure la. You are asking ppl to go movie wif you ma. Got tickets again ar?"

Actually there's nothing I would like to keep secret in my FB, but sometimes, parents did care us so much that they just don't want us to do sth beyond the boundaries. Moreover, generation gap would be one of the contribution. The things that they didn't try before, they wish that we would not try too. Somehow, I know that they did care us much.

Did anyone of you come to a situation where everyone around you don't agree with what you are thinking and keep on advising and stopping you from doing the things that you wish to???

YES~!!! I did. And I understand how it feels. It happened exactly 10 years ago when I was in standard 6. I mentioned about this before. So I would keep it short. I made a decision that against everyone's wish around me including my parents. I chose S.M.K.P. (a normal school) instead of K.Y.S. (residential school) for my high school. That time, I had a doubt. Since young, parents kept on teaching us to be independent and everything have to do by ourselves including making a decision. When I was 4+, my parents brought me to the hawker stall, they told me that if i wanted to eat anything, decided on my own and ordered it by myself. Yes! I did take it as a lesson but why now stopped me from doing so now?

However, as time flies, I got it. My parents just want all the best to happen on us. They want us to be in good condition always. They are just too love and care about us. So by the age of 14, I told myself that I have no reason to blame them. The thing that I can do is I had to do my very best and proved to them that I had my own choice wisely.

As time passed, the way I communicate with my parents is indeed different. We discuss to make things right. We discuss to make the the best decision. Mutual communication makes things easier.

I have a different opinions and ideas in some cases. So some of my friends would say that I am an alien or weirdo. But I find that nothing wrong to think different with the others as long it's good for ourselves. So I still keep on being myself.

For those who have the same kind with me, don't are not alone...keep it on with your your dream...really walk the talk and do it for your own...don't doubt about's not wrong to think differently...100% support from Luckystrike...

We don't walk the path, it's because we walk only there's a path.

Sometimes, I wish I would be young again...just like me 10 years ago that just do the best decision for myself...Everything is possible that time...I miss the courage much~!!!


Matjoe said...

parent mana tak sayang anak. some mmg annoy kita rasa deirorang tak percaya kita.

aku pernah marah kt parent aku yg baca surat cinta aku. tp bila pikir2 balik once aku dah ada anak, mmg aku nak take care, tak boleh biar buat ikut suka hati.

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

ya...memang benar...mungkin bila saya jadi parent satu hari nanti, saya akan faham dgn jelas2...

Terima kasih Mat Joe...