Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thank you~!!!

I am back to my hometown-Perlis. A place where everything is good for me except internet line is not available anymore at my house. Mum found that paying Rm77 per month without being fully utilized is considered as a waste. So she decided to unsubscribe the internet service. Being addicted to OSK Investment Challenge (OSKIC), I have to go to the library (during day time) and CC (during night time) for internet access. Anyhow, life is great when you are back to the place you are used to be. Memory with those lovely people will flash back in your mind. Enjoy life here ^^

Nuffnang always gives out various surprise to its loyal bloggers. Therefore, no loss to support Nuffnang. It goes same to me.

I was invited to a Buka Puasa Session with the other 24 bloggers at The Apartment, KLCC tomorrow. Yes! I do not have to be fasting and of course I don't have to wait till 'buka puasa' to eat/drink and still I was invited. Thanks a lot. I do appreciate it. But I am sorry that I can't make it.

Sometimes, I see even greater 1Malaysia spirit in Nuffnang/blogger community than those who really initiated and carry out it. Talking about 1 Malaysia, this phrase can be heard everywhere especially during the speech. The National Day is just over and Happy 53th Birthday to Malaysia. There're many video circulating in facebook and incidents happened that would make some people in Malaysia disappointed esp towards the 1 Malaysia concept. But deep in me, I would vote for a YES for harmony. We don't need a '1 Malaysia' to be a truly united country. Sometimes, this spirit can be seen even more obvious in a small place like Perlis. In a nutshell, proud to be a Malaysia.

"Saya anak Malaysia..."

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