Friday, August 27, 2010

Nasi Lemak in Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya

I always notice that the mamak at Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya is always crowded with people.

Most of them are youngsters.

So plan to have a try on it. When I reach there, i notice that on the dining table, the only food I can see are nasi lemak and Indo mee goreng. I think these 2 food is a must-try-food. Then only I realize, that mamak stall only serve these 2 food. Nasi lemak ayam/kambing, Indo mee goreng and otak-otak. I was kind of amazing. With this short of menu, the tables are still always that full.

Signature food at the mamak -> Nasi Lemak Ayam

The sambal is nice with the delicious fried chicken. Beside, u can get extra ikan bilis with kacang and sambal from them.

Another dish is curry kambing (Mutton curry). The dish is nice as well.

For the Indo mee goreng, it's kind of normal for me. Nothing really special. It's just like the instant mee goreng that we can get in the supermarket and prepare at home.

Hot otak-otak would add up the appetite....^^

The mamak stall is easy to be found....

It's at Taman Sea. From Jalan University (from Jaya One). Go ahead until you reach a roundabout, then take the 12 o'clock turn. Take the 1st turning to the right which is after the The Otomotif College (TOC). Go ahead until u reach a traffic light T-junction. A Shell petrol station can be seen on your right corner. Turn right and immediate turn left in front of CIMB. Go ahead and you can see tables and chairs in front of Maybank. That's it~!


Anonymous said...

Nice ma? I heard about Nasi Lemak @ sea park before, from Mr. Phua my academic advisor and Chris.

only open during the night isit? because normally if go there for lunch just makan economic rice nia.

there is a place in USJ also sells otak-otak, nasi lemak etc... find quite nice or am just hungry after badminton with frens :p - Julian

Matjoe said...

arghh lapar ni.....
will try it someday

Yin Tan said...

i rmb!!
isit near the bakuteh stall last time when we went to PJ laughs?

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Julian, yeah. It opens during night time only. Which part of USJ? haha...hunting for nice food.

Matjoe...haha...boleh!tapi perlu tunggu buka puasa dulu ya.hahaha..

Yin, are correct~!!!Nex time, v go together ya...=)

Anne Boleyn said...

kena try ni. dah dekat je dengan rumah ni. hehe :)

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Anne, yea...kena cuba...rumah dekat PJ?PJ mana?=)

Anonymous said...


Probably not to confuse your reader

this nasi lemak is better known as nasi lemak maybank in Seapark.

Taman Sea is at the other side of SS2 or which ever you put it.

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

@Anonymous, thanks for the point out. The map that I drew is not tat accurate. The geography is mistaken. But the directions is leading to the Sea Park instead of SS2. Appreciate it. =)