Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Karnival Jom Makan Buah

As we are growing older, we tend to think a lot before we make a move. We would consider a lot of aspects. That's a good sign of maturity. But on the other hand, it kills all those surprise following by random decisions. We expect. If it's good, we are expecting it. If it turn out to be not what we want, it would be under expectation. There would be a low possibility that we would get something beyond expectation.

Miss the RANDOM me, kinda miss those RANDOM moment which nothing is impossible, it's only whether we want to make it or not. ^^

Last Sunday 8th of August 2010, 3 of us would like to live life healthier by eating more fruits. So here we go...the Karnival Jom Makan Buah.

Organized by FAMA

at Taman Warisan Pertanian in Presint 16, Putrajaya.

Lots of local fruits there...Dukong, Rambutan, Durian, Banana (Big and long 1...no joke), Manggis and so on...


King of the Fruits

Hairy fruits

Small plants were sold too.

Titbits made by fruits.

The big and long one...no kidding rite?
But it's only nice at outside, inside it tastes nothing...Seriously size doesn't matter...

There're 2 ways to enjoy the fruits there.
1st, you can walk along the stalls and just pick the fruits that you like and buy it at a cheap price (lelong price)...
2nd, you can pay a certain amount and eat the fruits there unlimited. Somekind like fruit buffet. Adult needs to pay RM15 while children is RM7.50...

As a person who is trained to cope with buffet, the 2nd way would be my choice.

And that's the fruit I want it non-stop..

Taste of D24 is irresistible...

The satisfaction after conquering the king of fruits...

Healthier life??? Nah~!!! Badan panas ada la...

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