Monday, August 9, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Another movie that based on popular video game has come to town.
I would like to present "The Resident Evil : Afterlife" *deng deng deng*
Courtesy to Sony Picture, 50 Nuffnangers have the chance to catch the movie in latest 3D technology two days before the movie is released. Yes! Zombies are coming out for REAL this time. Besides, 1 Nuffnanger has the chance to walk away with a SONY 16GB Video Walkman worth RM749!

If I am Alice,

ok...i mean IF...I know that I am not that sexy and hot...=.=!

If I am really her, I would crack my brain to think of the best way instead of fighting with this big corporation BLINDLY. In order words, use my intelligence instead of my strength.

My opponent would be Umbrella Corporation...

There should be a reason behind the name of it.


Ah! Finally, i got it!
Umbrella is not only served as their weapons, at the same time they also use them as a shield to protect them from sunlight.

It means without UMBRELLAS, they are nothing~!!!

To destroy the umbrella, it's easy. I just have to generate a big portion of acid rain and drench the whole city. However, to make it perfect, I will wait for a sunny day. We know that Zombies don't like sunlight. If they are standing under hot sun without any shield with them, THEY ARE SURELY DIED!


acid rain

during the sunny day


The end of Umbrella Corporation.

Hope everything will be fine and peace without Umbrella Corporation!!!


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