Monday, August 16, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?

First of all, I have a dilemma that I need some clarification from Nuffnang. You want the bloggers to share "why vampires suck?" for the Nuffnang Premiere Screening-Vampires Suck. Then the 80 most creative bloggers would have the chance to go for the movie "Vampires suck".
It means you want the bloggers to write how bad and how suck the vampires are and you reward them with Vampire movies? You get my point now? You give people what you want people to hate. I am even amazed with those bloggers who really have submitted the entries. Today, it's already 157 comments there. They really wish to get what they think it's suck. Haha... Maybe now you would ask "Then why are you here?"

A lovely couple would lead a great life with some minor quarrels but no serious problem...UNTIL....

He appeared...

All sort of problems and questions come from nowhere...

Girl : How come people so fair one?
Guy : He is not even a human.
Girl : He looks cute. Why you don't look like him one?
Guy : Gonna ask my parents.
Girl : He is so good in sweet-talking. Learn from him laaaa....
Guy : Kena diabetes only he know la.
Girl : Why you don't have six packs one?
Guy : Unity is good.
Girl : They are so romantic. Why we are not one?
Guy : ....
Girl (angry) : You ignore me~!
Guy : Nola. I was just thinking of how to answer la.
Girl (even more angry) : NO! YOU PURPOSELY~!
Guy : Sorry...sorry...forgive me ok?
Girl (got something in mind) : OK. but with condition.
Guy : What's that?
Girl : Bring me to the movie "Vampires sucks".
Guy : =.=!!!

Vampires suck man~!!!!!

So...I guess you all know why m I here ya???

***No offense ya. It's just base on my creativity. Sorry to those who are offended by my post ya...^^

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