Monday, August 9, 2010

Red Letters Day on Blue Monday

Most of the people would experience Monday's blue, no matter working people or students.'s indeed a hard transition. After a 2-days-break weekend, everything have to start again by counting Monday, Tues, What, The, Fxck...and again it's party time...

Everyday would be just like a box of chocolate for me. I will never know what I got. Today, thank god for the triple red letter.

1st Red Letter
It is kinda related to yesterday. Yesterday night after meal, I went to Public Bank at Serdang (the nearest Publick Bank from Cyberjaya) to deposit my cash. Somehow, the one & onli machine was having a "weekend break-down" too. So I would have to come again the next day which is today as it's kinda important. So, today while I was on the way bc to Cyberjaya, tuning Hitz.FM, I have such chance to take part in the SMS contest. Whenever the time I won sth from the radio station, it would be the time I am behind the wheel. I didn't listen to the radio at home. It's onli in the car. *my mum will definitely mumble me if she know about that*

around 12.00pm
DJ : Hi Yee Kean, who is your favourite action star?
Me : erm...lemme think ya...Steve Austin from WWF...
DJ : Yeah, there're a lots more in the more "The Expendable". You and ur frenz can enjoy the movie at xxx TGV cinema on xx of August..
Me : Thank you.

2nd Red Letter
Check on my letter box once I reach home...and yes! It's finally here...

Letter from Genting World Card...

It come with Starbuck vouchers...woohooo....waited for kinda a long time...

3rd Red Letter
Received miscalls from Mum when I am out for jogging in the evening. Don't have any good feeling about it. Usually when mum calls at this time in stead of night time, it would be something serious. Most common example would be kena saman lor. Phone bc to ask her about it.
As usually, she would answer it with a strict tone and asked "Ei, y u get so much money 1?"
Me : "huh? Come again..."
Mum : "I receive a cheque of urs la...around RM xxx.xx la...y u get so much money?"
Me (started to be clear of what's going on) : "Mum, that's from Nuffnang rite?"
Mum : "Ya."
Me : "Oh...ya...I am expecting that..."
Mum : " Why so much money one? what you do?"
Me : " Haha...I didn't do anything illegal la...I am just blogging..."
Mum : "Oh..."
My cute mum sounds am I...& added with some joy...

Clear the Monday blue...Monday rocks....=)


Asia Market Girl said...

I have a love hate thing during mondays

nicholexh said...

Ur monday is so so so wonderful!
Mine is sucks!!! >.<

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Asia Market Girl...Yeah...sometimes it's mix of love and hate on the same day...

Nicholexh ar...u will never know what's going on next...enjoy it...^^