Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Looking at the title, it's indeed a bit misleading - Are You 'WET' Enough?
Don't get me wrong ya. It's actually a contest organized by Nuffnang and Vaseline. The 75 best written blog posts will stand the chance to win a pair of invites to the poolside party.
That's not all. More prizes will be given out too.

Best Written Blog Posts
1st Prize - RM3,000 cash + Vaseline products
2nd Prize - RM2,000 cash + Vaseline products
3rd Prize - RM1,000 cash + Vaseline products
5x Consolation Prizes - RM200 cash + Vaseline products

During the party itself, there’ll be prizes for games and lucky draws too! And make sure you get some help from Vaseline moisturizers to look absolutely glowing, because the female blogger with "The Most Vibrant Skin" will win a Coach Handbag worth RM2,000!!!!

Besides, local jazz artiste Yuna, a dashing comedian, Kuah Jenhan and celebrity host Jojo Struys will also be at the party. Don't miss the chance. For more information, please click HERE. Don't hesitate, start blogging now~!!!

This is the photo that I have submitted for contest.

Actually I am not that sure whether my skin is moist enough or not? But I am quite satisfied with my skin. What I know is my mother likes it so much.

She always says to me "Aiyo, you should be a girl one la. Look at your skin. If you were a girl, you will look fair and nice. Many many boyfriends one la..."
My expression will always be the same. =.=!!! and in my heart "Mum, you always says like I have a choice..."

From outside, my skin looks good for me. But I totally have no idea about inside. Is my skin healthy? Is my skin fresh? my skin enough of vitamin? Is my skin moist enough?

When I am traveling with friends, they will notice that I don't apply any lotion or skin products on my skin. With full of question marks, they will ask me. Then I will always tell them that I like to keep it natural.
Then they will tell me " Wah! Cannot like that la. You have to take care your skin la. Your skin is exposed to the sunlight la, UV light la, unhealthy air in your surrounding la....bla bla..."

OK~!!!I surrender. But what should I apply on my skin? I have totally no idea...

Vaseline, Would you like to lend me a hand and help me to solve this???

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Ms Ave T said...

Great post! all the best for the competition and do check out my entry as well! :D

Miss Ave T