Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5th Anniversary Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010

Reading is a good habit that we should have. It is the key of knowledge and it really enriches us much. However, since young I doesn't have much interest in reading. I am ought to read just to cope with my exam and test. During my high school life, I was forced to read novel by SOMEONE. YES!!! The word "forced" was used correctly. That time I didn't like it much. But being "kind" to me, she asked me to read page by page. Then the next day she wanted me to briefly tell her about the story. Sometimes I even need to need from chapter to chapter. (A novel has a few chapters). At last, she gave up. I felt like god-forsaken.

However, several years, I adopted reading as one of my habits naturally. At that point, I was fortunate because I used to be "forced" of reading before. And now, I could take up the books by myself and browse them and even read them from cover to cover. Thanks for the force I could say...

Knowing that the 5th Anniversary Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010 is happening at KLCC from 4th till 12th of September, I take this opportunity to have a look.

This bookfest has been started since 2006 and in every year, there's different theme....

2006 : Read to Learn

2007 : Joy in Reading

2008 : Reading Empowers

2009 : Reading is Inspiring

2010 : Reading Embraces the World.

So here I am at the 5th Anniversary Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010.

Get myself a ticket for RM2.00. It's nothing worth than this.

The main entrance.

A lot of people is in the book fest too...

There's a lot choices of books in there. Just dunno where I should start. At last I spent 6 hours there. I got 4 books without paying more than RM100.00. It's totally cheap. I was satisfied too coz I read 2 books in the fest and I didn't buy for the 2 books. *kiamsiap*

Besides, there's some talk from invited guest to share about their books and talk about a lot of things like health, lifestyle and etc.

For those who haven't been there, don't miss the chance~!!!


mizzura said...

good...! me like reading too...but never have chance to visit the bookfest...only shopping when there was mph sale...

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Mizzura...thanks for dropping by...sometimes i will spend my time in bookstores like MPH too...=)