Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thought of Mind

Monday is usually a start of a week with full of BLUE. Is that a thought that we tend to practice every week or is it really blue? Haha...I dunno. But sometimes, I can't help myself to feel the colour of the sky.

Facing the uncompleted job, I always feel that I have a big stone on my shoulders. Can't wait for the time that I can really settle everything. However, I understand that there wouldn't be any undone job in life. Once I finish this, a new one will be coming to me again. The thing is I have to make a good balance of life. Keep the smile curve on my face and make everyday a different day. Lead a healthy lifestyle and of course cope with the stress well. Try not to put all those downside expressions on the face and release them using a good way.

What I can say is "It's still a long journey but I am on my way."

Yesterday, I was planning to take a nap when I can't focus my concentration on what I was doing anyymore. The SHIT thing is I can't even close my eyes in this cloudy and windy evening. *Fxcking wasted*

Guess what, I just walked down & put on my shoes. That's it. I just started walking...walking...and the steps began to be faster...

Meet an ARMY guy, Jansen half way, he asked me "How long is the distance you are going to jog today?"

I answered "Dunno. Just jog. =)"


I completed a 6.3km in a rain when I reached home.

I was tired with my legs asking me not to move anymore...but I feel the SATISFACTION~!!! Much much better than lying on the mattress with my eyes opened widely.
After that, I kept on doing my stuff and it turned out to be not-that-hard. =D

While we are complaining, try to look at the people around you. Maybe you would find some reasons to stop complaining. I have a friend that just started working. Life is never a bed of roses when you have to compete with each other. Some people just would like to step on you to make themselves higher than the others. Back-stabbing happens everywhere in the working environment and you have to beware of those who are always too good in front of you. You will never know what they do behind you. That's not all for her. It's even heart-broken to see her work 7 days a week and 8.00am till 11.00pm everyday without any OT. Every employee is protected by labour law right? But how is a fresh graduate going hire a lawyer to file the case? Sometimes, law is can't help the poor.

She always thinks that "Don't be the enemy of the money", just swallow everything and it would be fine.

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