Monday, March 7, 2011

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid Review

Talking about mobile prepaid service, most of the customers have no idea on the rates. Many would think that it's a play-safe way to use prepaid as you will not spend more than the amount you have. Yes!!! That's the right way. But why not do it better by choosing a better rate prepaid service. You would get a better benefit of using mobile prepaid.

After using lots of mobile prepaid service, I think this would be one of the best among them...

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid.

Let me briefly introduce about that Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid.

Rates for Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid service:

  • 16 sen/min
  • 5 sen/SMS
  • 5 sen/MB data
I guess this would be the most concerned critiria right? Btw, do I mention that ALL RATES ARE FLAT RATES???
A constant rate to get in touch with all your family and friends.

Benefits of Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid:

  • Free RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa.
  • Earn Tune Talk points for AirAsia flights for every top up. Points will NEVER be expired.
  • Option to change your number anytime.
  • Super low flat rates nationwide to any number, anytime.
Do you come across any Telco in our nation that rewards you with free Air Asia flights? Now Tune Talk is the first one.

Get a prepaid service to get free Personal Acidental Insurance Coverage by Etiqa? Wao~! Can't believe it.

Personally, I met some problems during my SIM card activation. I managed to activate, but I can't call out and send message using that SIM card. I can only receive calls and messages. That's the part I hate as I have to contact the support team to tell them my problem and wait...wait...wait...It would make me feel worse if I have to deal with the automatic computerized operator.

Somehow, it's not bad as what I think. I logged into hopping that it would help me.

I clicked on the "Selfcare" tab and registered myself.

In a few minutes, I am done. I have an account for it. So what's the use of that?

  • I can change and update my profile easily in "My Profile".
  • Did I mention about option to change your number anytime just now? Yes. I can do it here at "My Numbers".
  • I can reload using "My Service".
  • I can also keep track on my calling and SMS usage in "My Usage". I can also check on the rate.
Oh. Back to the plight that I mentioned before. I wanted to keep in touch with them to tell them my problem. So, I clicked on the "Chat with us" on the top right corner.

Guess what???

After half an hour, a Tune Talk technician called me up to let me know that my problem was solved. Kudos to Tune Talk and Gesh (online operator) who assisted me. Tune Talk has given great services for the customers. They do not take customer's problem for granted. That makes me as a customer feel nice and comfortable with the services.

Moreover, Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid is giving away lots of prizes, concert tickets and more for the customers. Currently, it's the Justin Bieber My World Tour Concert Tickets. Don't hesistate to get it NOW!

This is what I have seen and experienced so far. I think Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid is great and awesome. So what are you waiting for? Try it for real. Don't just sit there and look others enjoying the benefits.

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