Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Patrick Festival at One Utama

Last Friday which was 19th of March 2010, Guinness organized St. Patrick Festival at One Utama. The events started at 6.oopm and end at 11.00pm. I can't miss this chance to have a look at this grand festival.

I reached One Utama kind of early, 1 hour plus before the event started. Just walked around in the shopping mall & also have Shusi Zammai as my late lunch.

Then around 6.30pm, I moved my ass to the event.

Looking at the map so that I won't get lose....

That's the stage. I was like 'Wow~!!!'. I can smell something 'hot' over here. Wuah~!!!Guinness~!!!

Creative! It's built by balloons. Surely a lot of effort has been put just for this. What to say more about this event?

Just walk around the area. I can see many people are going GREEN...

That's what we call St. Patrick Festival la...It's originated from Ireland...then surely is from Irish lor...

There are a lot of street performance too...

People that are much taller...*walking with a long stick attached to his legs*

Cycling around with only one wheel...


When he knew that the camera was on him...


Each of them are playing their own role. They really bring joy & happiness to the crowds...

There're a lot of games there too...

Just beat it~!!!Beat it! Beat it. Hit the things as hard as possible.

Have to make the frog "jump" into the basket by hitting the blue part.

Tig-Tag Toe. Three balls are given & have in make them straight in vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

Have to play the dice to get the number of 11,9 or 7.

The dices are cute~!!!

Finally get this & come badges after playing so many games.

The arrange of the cup cakes is kinda of special & the cup cakes look so take a photo of it.

Then I was given a cup cake for free.

There's stout inside. Woohoo...nice~!!!

Nice food is on the way...


Tables for dining are prepared.

This is the place where you pay RM20 for a pinch and you can bring back the mug. Besides, it's refillable.

K.L. Urban Escape is here too~!!!

Finally, someone can take photo for me...

It's a great experience & kinda enjoy it. Looking forward for the next year celebration~!!!

*Blog post that full of photos*

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