Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Yuan Hong

It's 27th of Mac 2009 & it's ur big day again. It has been 2 years that your birthday falls on midterm break ya. This time it's lucky that it falls on Saturday which we can have a celebration with you.

Dinner at Hoi Tong Steamboat Restaurant in Serdang -> Candle blowing, playing UNO game, playing poker, playing cards at Station One Cafe at Jaya One in P.J. -> Some traditional game with street post outside Jaya One -> Last but not least, celebration in the swimming pool at Block C, Cyberia Smart House.

It has been 2 years ago that one of our frenz, Julian was pushed into the swimming pool on his big day. That time Yin did accompany her. This time, my housemate, YHong decided to be the legend & do it alone...with some of our help i think.

This video is the action done by Yuanhong...hehe...

*Sorry that the video was taken randomly & it may not be clear. Hope you all will be bear of it.

Birthday boy! You are the man...

Happy Birthday~!!!

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