Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life is like a chocolate box....

Life is like a chocolate box. You will never know what you get. Everyday, there will be surprise around u. While I am driving, i always change my radio tune to One FM. That is the only time, i will join the sms contest whenever I get to know there's any contest from One FM. So every time I will press on my handphone to send the sms while I am driving. *hope my parents don't see this le..*

Today I receive a package.

It's from One FM...

I get a brand new CD of Britney Spears
Not really a big fans of her. I just participate in every contest. You will never know when ur luck will be there. Just give it a try

For those for a BIG REAL fans of her, if you want the CD, pls let me know. I think it's more appropriate to give it to someone who appreciate it.
However, there's some crack on the casing, it doesn't affect the CD inside. *that's the part i don't like CD to be posted*

That's my name in the winner list.

Thanks for the luck~!!!


bemusedyin said...

i dun mind!

first comment gets the prize right! =D

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

yea...congratulation...u r the 1st & the only participants...hahaha...okok...bring 2 u later ya...