Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Sweat!

Yes! I am a Malaysian. I live in Malaysia. Then?
Good question. Then what are you expecting? NO SWEAT? Or you want snow?
Can you please don't make me laugh? LOL~!!!
Are you going to stay in an air-conditioner room 24/7?
Yes! During the day time. Then I only carry out outdoor activities at night....
Wah! brilliant idea. But do you know nowadays, the weather changes a lot. Even at night, it's stuffy, no wind. Even a few steps to mamak in front of your house also you will get sweat la....
But then how ar?
How what? Just sweat la...

That's a simple conversation that would say that the temperature in Malaysia is averagely high. I come from Perlis. Last few months, Perlis was the hottest state in Malaysia. The temperature can up to 37.5 Celsius during day time. During my trimester break or I should say it as summer break in Malaysia, I was freaking hot when I was in my hometown. I hid myself in my air-conditioner room. Oppps, feel thirsty. Then come out from my room just to have some drink. I started to sweat.=.=

When I went out for yamcha session, the first thing my friends would say was "ei bro, after bathing please wipe first before you wear your clothes la."
Dude, I wish to. But I was sweating non-stop~!!!

Sometimes, even in the shopping complex with poor air-condition system, I would also get sweat. The whole body of mine get drenched.

Now the worst case is when I want to get to know a girl.
Most of the girl would tell me that "You are so wet!!!"
(Translation in canto = you are so ham 'sap')
Oh goshh~!!!

Thanks to the creation of ADIDAS!!!

Adidas Action
1. 24H anti-perspirant.
2. Anti odour.
3. Active absorbent complex

With this 3 critiries, Yes!!! It helps me a lot. Now I can say "Ehemm...Ladies, may I..."
Now I am really no sweat!!!

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