Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-23 Day

In less than 24 hours, I am going to be 23. Oh shit~!!! Time really flies. When I 1st step into MMU, I was not even 20 but after today, I am plus 3. Just like how people always say "2 pieces plus alredi." Oh gosh. If everything goes smooth *finger crossed*, it will be my last year in MMU and I am going to step into working life. In short, no more student price when buying tickets, no more "I-am-just-a-student" excuses, no more allowance from parents...

During CNY, met a lot of friends that have started working. The favourite question from most of them would be "When will you graduate?" As usual my answer "If everything goes smooth, then this year lor." They will reply me with "Appreciate your time when you are studying le. Working life sucks."

Eh abang2 & kakak2, Jangan takutkan adik la. Adik terkencing bila graduate nanti. haha... Anyway, thanks for the precious advise & I will appreciate the time left in MMU.

For the past 22 years, I haven't done anything big. Gonna do it now starting from the smallest part. Hope 23 would be a good start for me to lead my own life.

Happy Valentine Day to all the couples & Happy Luckystrike Day to those who are not in that category. 14th February is always a day to be celebrated.

A Luckystrike a day makes your everyday a great days.

Oppppssss...Sorry sorry...I don't should be...

A click in a day makes your everyday a great day.

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