Monday, February 21, 2011

Offensive Post

It really took me some courage to write this. While I was hesitating, suddenly I asked myself "I thought u started this blog just to express what you think? I thought it's YOUR OWN FXCKING blog?" Then "Why now?" more blog readers already? So now you are just going to write the best part of yours or everyone's Cinderella's story so that everyone will like them and keep on viewing your blog?

Luckystrike, SERIOUSLY get a life~!!! Get your blog back~!!!

It's basically about friendship. For this certain case, I could really voice out my own opinion as a third person as I was on the spot. I didn't hear that from nowhere or create it using imaginary. The conversation is still vivid in my mind but I willn't share it here and this is how I feel...

If a friend (I seriously mean any friends of mine) doesn't give me the trust as how I give to them, I would definitely get disappointed and maybe at some point, get pissed off. Sometimes to clear my name, I would explain it defensively, as really I would get offended. Maybe you could just face the mirror, and try to reflect those words towards yourself. Is that fine? Does it sound good? When we get the echoes, we only feel part of the pain. So really think about it.

As we grow older (oh shit. 23 alredi lor), we could really play a role on the way how we treat the others. As this age, I don't see emotion, prejudice and gender would be some factors for a discussion. In most of the interaction, debate and argument are unavoidable. Somehow, make every of them a worthy one by having them rationally. At least it would be reasonable and will make everyone involved feel better. Some simple act or a slip of tongue would make thing turn from up to down.

Maybe some would tell me "Come on la Luckystrike, you are just a loser that would live in your blog of words, why don't you voice it out as a man?" Yes, you can definitely say so. But I believe that at that point, I would definitely make things look even ugly no matter how and what I said. But the most important thing is when it involves both of your friends, you just don't want to stand by anyone. It isn't about right or wrong but it's about one's maturity.

Somehow, I just don't want to give up this opportunity to share a simple view of mine here. And I don't want to delay as I know if I keep it to tomorrow, it will AGAIN be a NEVER.

Persons who were or are mentioned in my blog post are those who worth to. This might be another Luckystrike's bullshit theory. But it's indeed from the bottom of my heart, a simple sincerity from a friend.

Hope this blog post meant something. No offense.

p/s: For readers who come across this post, ask me nothing and I will tell you no lies.

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