Friday, February 25, 2011

Multi-races Under One Roof

Yes. I was back to my hometown. As usual, when I am back to my hometown, I would wake up early in the morning so that I could make it to meet my sista in primary school during recess time. Yesterday while I was waiting for sista, I saw 3 Malay boys walking towards the canteen, speaking Mandarin with each other. To make sure, I try to peep at their name tags. And Yes, they are indeed Malays. Later on, 2 Chinese boys join them and they communicate in Mandarin.

I was ashamed. I meant indeed. With the maturity of 23, I am still looking things around me with colours under the influence of One Malaysia. The boys in the school, who don't really understand the meaning of One Malaysia, show me what a real One Malaysia means. They are always colour blind, it's the adult that teach them how to differentiate the colours.

A simple thing happened around that could give us a lesson. We should proud that our nation has multi-races living under one roof.


SHEHZAD said...

yup ... thats we have to to be one nation no one is superior to some every one has equal chance to live any where he wants to live ... Superb highlight that unity and equality can beat anything in this world ... be unite and boycott racism..

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LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

yes...u r totally right~!!!