Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AmBank Inspector ATM

This is the 2nd time I am here at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. HERE is my first time at this newly built institution. This is the first event after I joined Nuffnang Glitterati Plus (G+) - The Official Launch of AmBank Inspector ATM.

In conjunction to the launching of the event, AmBank has set up a road show at Taylor's University. There is a game organized by them. Basically the game is easy and meant to give away prizes.

There're a few steps before I can participate in the game.


Log into my Facebook account and like the page!/AmBankInspectorATM

Then fill in my details.


Get the passport for the game. It's stamped on my hand.


Proceed to the game & wait for your turn.

The game is rather easy but to get the prizes has a certain level of difficulty. In the AmBank space, there're a lot of paper pieces keep on floating in the air due to the wind from the bottom.

What we need to do is to grab as much paper pieces as possible. In some of the paper piece, there're words written on it. Only with those written one, we can claim for the prizes. The prizes consist of Touch & Go cards, KFC & Pizza Hut vouchers, 7-11 vouchers and more.

For me, this is the prizes that I managed to grab.

erm...I know...I am quite few='(

Before the launching of the event, an officer gathered all the bloggers and briefed us about the event.

AmBank executive Echannel, Madam Khadijah & Luckystrike

The event started with a speech from the AmBank officer.

Thanks to Taylor' University, 7-11 aka 7E, Wincor Nixdorf and RHM to make this event a great one.

There will be a new branch opening at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus at the midst of December.

AmBank is in every corner. And you can see most of the 7-E has AmBank ATM.

Do you see the figure? This is one of the reason why AmBank is going to launch this event in Facebook and also the main target for this event would be the teenagers.

This event would like to educate the teenagers like me that has the wrong perspective about AmBank.

Before this event, I thought :
-AmBank is not convenient. Maybank and CIMB is preferable.
-AmBank is PREFERABLE ONLY for loans like car loans and house loans.
-AmBank is ONLY SUITABLE for adults.

The Launching Ceremony

A clearer view of the "ATM machine".

A forum was held for media and bloggers to clear of our doubts as well as consumers' misunderstanding perspective.

After this event, I feel that:
-AmBank is suitable for all folks of people.
-AmBank is rather convenient that the ATMs are allocated at every convenient shop - 7E.
-AmBank has the safest security.
-AmBank DOESN'T provide ONLY loan services but all range of services.
-AmBank is approachable for all the consumer. If you have any doubts about the bank and its services, you can voice your issues or comment in the facebook page.


There will be a contest organized by AmBank with the theme of "Inspector ATM"

The contest duration will be from 27th October to 26th December 2010

This contest is open to all MEPS-equipped ATM cardholder (Not necessaryhave to be AmBank ATM cardholders)

What you need to do to take part in this contest is :

1) Perform a transaction at an AmBank ATM at 7-Eleven outlets to get the ATM ID on the receipt.
-Look carefully ya. Have to be AmBank ATM which is at 7-Eleven and the transaction would be able to generate a receipt. Don't think that you just want to check balance only. Some ATM wouldn't generate receipt for balance checking.

2) Take a creative photo of yourself with the AmBank ATM machines.
-Take your photo on your on risk ya. Don't make it until you the 7-Eleven sale persons have to call the police.

3) Register yourself on the AMBank Inspector ATM page in Facebook with the ATM ID and photo. Click HERE for the page.

The page would appear like this when you click on "Join Contest" at the Facebook page.

4) Start collecting points on Facebook to win amazing prizes by:
-Getting votes for your photoes.
-Playing the AmBank Inspector ATM "Spot the Difference" Game.
-Voting for the other participants' photoes.

*Clue : There will be 10, 000 points rewarded to those perform transactions more than 5 times.

The prizes are:

Click it to enlarge.

Attractive??? If yes, what are you waiting for? I am going to 7-Eleven now. Bye~!!!

*It's a sponsor post*


kak ina kl said...

you pun cepat buat N3. Mari kita semua join contest ini dan sama-sama dapat hadiah

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

haha...yaya...semoga semua berjaya...good luck!!!

kak ina kl said...

saya ambil gambar masa orang putih bagi speech k.gambar akak gelaplah..thank you

Khadijah said...

Hi Lucky Strike, i saw my photo in you blog. :p

Quickly participate in our contest ya. Hope you can win sumthing fr us :p

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Kak Ina..Tentu boleh...Ambil Saja...^^

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Khadijah, hai...okok...I will sure participate in it...Thank you~!!!

hazman aka species1980 said...

whoaa.... Cik Khatijah drop by ur blog laa....sure u advantage meh...anyway nice meeting u bro... ;-p

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Hazman, nice to meet you. haha. Tak dak apa2 advantage la. All the best utk kita semua la.

emme said...

Hi bro, good luck ya! :)

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Emme...Thanks...same to u too...

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Nice to meet you that day ya =)

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Tian Chad...nice to meet you too =)

Shirleen said...

lol.. yeah really attractive..

Matjoe said...

good luck with the contest. got 1 ambank near my house