Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flood in my hometown

The month of November started with an unfortunate incident - flood in Perlis and Kedah. Yes! Unfortunately my hometown was affected. When talking about my housing area - Taman Perlis, the people in the town would say "Alah...Taman Perlis ar? Sure flood one la!" The reason is because the housing estate there last time used to be paddy field so the land there is kinda low in geography.

5 years ago, flood happened in Perlis. While Perlis folks are trying to put that incident out of their mind, here come another one which is even more serious than the previous one. However, this time many of them have prepared for it. Therefore in term of loses, it would be less. Still there would be loses and the amount is still a huge one.

The water level that came into the house is the line at door.

The stains on the wall.

One of the damaged furniture.

My parents had no choice but to escape to B. Mertajam and stayed there for a few days. At the age of 50+, they can't stand of leaving their legs in the water for a long time. When the flood water has receded, only they went back. So am I to help on what I can do.

Many may not understand how's the situation without water supply and electricity during the flood. I do.
Many may not understand how hard it is to clean up a house from the living room to the kitchen after the flood. I understand.
Many may not experience how stink is it after flood. I experienced.

Therefore, I just told myself that I must be with my family to go through this.

Comparing to the flood 5 years ago, my parents are optimistic with what had happen but their age don't allow them to be as strong as 5 years ago.

However, maybe this would be a blessing in disguise. Because of this flood, many of the memorable photos are affected and we need to take out one by one to dry them. With those old photos, my parents told us much about their stories. And I also had the chance to see myself when I was at the younger age. Those're the memories.

Hope it wouldn't happen again after 5 years.


hazman aka species1980 said...

yeah...everything happen got their own reason for us... n i always love to listen those old memories stories... ;-p

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Yea. You are rite. So am I. It's nice to listen to those dad & mum's stories.